SCP-XXXX: fuck.
Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: GPS systems are to be permanently scrambled so that no affected calculations are performed within SCP-XXXX's area of effect. If a subject enters SCP-XXXX and calculates affected forms of integration, Class-A amnestics are to be administered, if the subject remains alive.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation for a series of mathematical phenomena that occur sporadically on a section of space in Fremont, California, encompassing part of Rieholtz High School.


An expression that may trigger SCP-XXXX.

Attempts to calculate, define, or otherwise decipher the expression for the definite integral of a function f(x) are all affected, and are triggered upon performing these calculations inside SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX is theorized to contain near-infinite possibilities for effects, due to the infinite possibilities of definitions for f(x), as word problems where such a function would be applicable have distinct effects that differ from individual setup of expressions as well. SCP-XXXX's effects are not known to spread, though have been found to vary from audiovisual to temporary and localized temporospatial changes.

An abridged table of effects discovered through testing performed in an empty room of Rieholtz High School can be found below.

Beginning Addendum:

Definition Output Notes
"Find the integral of 1/x, from the interval [-1, 2]." Undefined. Clapping can be heard. Looking out the windows of the room, approximately 200 small rectangular black shapes are visibly being thrown approximately 5 meters into the sky, before falling down and being caught by shadowy hands. Foundation personnel not in the room report no such sight.
"Find the integral of 198/x2, from the interval [-21, 49]." Undefined. An organ plays no song in particular.
"Find the integral of sin(x2), from the interval [π, 3π.]" Had to be added by hand. Personnel who fall asleep in the room report sounds of stamping and flashes of red in dreams.
Find the integral of cot(x2)/x, from the interval [-π, 2π .] Assumed to be undefined. Smiles can be felt, and it becomes difficult to count exactly how long effects last.
[REDACTED FOR MATHEMATICAL HAZARD] Unrecognizable. Steam hot enough to burn flesh was produced from every ceiling-mounted sprinkler in the room.
"The sales of a new dual screen phone were estimated to be: P(t) = 19,476te−0.5t where t is in weeks, and P(t) is in units per week. How many phones were sold in the first 5 weeks?" Could not be deciphered. Time within the room moved at a speed of one hour as compared to some number of hours outside of the room.
"On the surface of Europa, the water pressure p in grams per cubic meter at a depth of f meters below the surface of the water changes at a rate of p'(f) = 622.4 grams per cubic meter. If one starts at a depth of 15 meters below the surface of the water, how many feet deeper must one dive for the water pressure to increase by 800 grams per cubic meter? Round your answer to the nearest meter." Foundation analysts reported notable difficulty in completing the problem, despite having degrees in high-level maths. A metallic grinding and an ambulance siren could be heard. An incorporeal male figure appeared, lacking an arm, with its other arm held to its chest.
"A carnivorous parasite is eating away at meat. It can eat (140/(k-t)) cubic feet per hour, where t is the number of hours since it began and k is a constant accounting for the fact that the parasite may consume itself once the meat is completed. Find the amount of meat consumed between t=2 and t=4." Could not be solved. Metallic screeching was produced. The room in which calculations were being performed grew incredibly large.
"1+1=x." Could not be solved. Amused chuckling could be heard.

Note: Due to difficulty of calculations, future testing is to resume after some chosen day when it is not undefined.

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