None Else of Name
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…Identity Verified
…Encryption Keys Generated
…Connected to O5_backchannel Routers

…Biometric Scan Confirmed
Connected to NIFLHELNet…


If you are reading this, my sincerest condolences. Know that I too have descended; my predecessor and his, we have all been terminated of our own volition. There comes a time when a leader must experience the fall of each and every subordinate they had led. Each name flowing through their veins like pulpy syrup. For what else is there when a man dies, but the name on his gravestone?

When we confront death, we are authentic. The fact mankind must do so, ceaselessly, unites us solidarity. It is a constant challenge. It is the act of falling.

I have compiled archives that will serve you in comprehending the vastness of SCP-XXXX. Someone started this project; its protocols, its memory, and all active components. But it was not the Foundation, at least in my iteration or yours. However, we must carry out the stone-mason's burden and put each brick into place lest the entire body of work collapse.

All must die. This is the universal truth. Whether our deaths had any significance at all, lies in the alignment of our bodies and the shape of our graves.

You will not be remembered,

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