Project Heimdall Memo

FROM: Colonel Jack Sander Operations Director, Project Heimdall
TO: Dr. Adam Lee, Science Director, Project Heimdall
Impact Survey of JWST
- - -
Dr. Lee,
A week ago you mentioned in passing to me that the James Webb Space Telescope will be a headache for the Foundation and I haven't been able to get it out of my head. Can you have someone on your staff prepare an official report for the record on the potential impact of the JWST on containment protocols?
- Colonel Sander

FROM: Dr. Adam Lee
TO: Colonel Jack Sander
CC: Dr. Rachel Smith, Foundation Space Service, Project Heimdall
RE: Impact Survey of JWST
- - -
Colonel Sander,
Will do. I'm delegating this Dr. Smith at the newly reformed FSS.

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