The Protagonist

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Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Archon


Circe, North Carolina

Special Containment Procedures: At all times, SCP-XX must experience normalcy variant N/XX. This includes lack of information about the anomalous, the Foundation, but also any mundane information which is contrary to SCP-XX-A.

Use of amnestics on SCP-XX, or the use of any other mechanism which would alter its narrative experience are strictly forbidden. In the event of a normalcy violation, a minimal cover story should be deployed instead, per protocol. See Document XX-CK for information on handling anomalous events which cannot be explained away.

SCP-XX is presently maintained by Stationary Task Force Lambda-2 ("Their Best Life"), in lieu of direct containment. See the task force charter for specific information on its subdivisions and their duties.

SCP-XX is currently employed at Red Frost Inc., a Foundation front company, where they have minimal work obligations and enjoy a comfortable work/life balance. Should SCP-XX express a wish to change jobs, an alternate position with appropriate properties will be created for them to be hired at.

The town of Circe, North Carolina has been removed from maps, and any unauthorized vehicles or those not caused by SCP-XX-A are to be turned away. To ensure close observation and lack of disruption to SCP-XX-A, the Foundation maintains oversight over day-to-day operations in the locality. Many of these are carried out by local residents hired by front organizations. Recruitment of E-class personnel, however, is limited due to the size of the community and the need to keep the Foundation's existence secret.

Function Front Organization Foundation Entity
Delivery of supplies Raleigh Shipping Company Logistics Department
Waste management Greenwood Sanitation Janitorial Department
Police1 Circe Police Department STF-Lambda-2
Broadcast of local television channels Green Leaf Media LLC Misinformation Department
Healthcare Circe City Hospital Medical Department
Parks and Events Circe City Hall STF-Lambda-2

Circe, North Carolina does not have internet access or modern computers. Introduction of these devices into the locality is considered a violation of N/XX.

% narrative containment (keep him local, not doing super wild things), happenings, promote local events, happenings, exploration of nature, etc

SCP-XX is currently dating a local resident named Janice Lind. Should their relationship sufficiently sour, STF-Lambda-2 is authorized to relocate her outside of Circe. At present, they have been dating for 8 years.


Description: SCP-XX is a man named Matthew (no surname),2 born in 1989 and currently living in Circe, North Carolina. He has no observable anomalous properties, excepting his relationship to SCP-XX-A. Actuarial estimates based on his demographic and medical history suggests he will live to be at least 90 years of age.

SCP-XX-A is a powerful morphogenic field which acts through narrativic manipulation. Attempting to contain or neutralize SCP-XX, those close to it, or significantly altering the circumstances of their existence results in retroactive alterations in reality to restore its lived continuity. Due to increasingly harsh effects on Foundation personnel and ineffectiveness of ontokinetic manipulation techniques (such as reality anchors), no further experimentation with SCP-XX-A is permitted.

SCP-XX-B is Jason Bowden, a 13-year old boy who expired in 2002 following a fight with lung cancer. Prior to his death, Jason maintained a running series of hand-drawn comics, and had expressed a desire to become a professional animator. According to interviews with Make-A-Wish employees, his original wish was for his comic to be adapted into a full-length TV show, running for the entire course of the character's natural life.

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