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A non-anomalous section of SCP-4513

Item #: SCP-4513

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: MTF Sigma-211 (Hot Wheels) is to patrol the length of SCP-4513 regularly and reroute passengers to roads without SCP-4513-1 instances. Cover stories for the death of 4513 victims are to be implemented into national records and their families administered Class-F Viral Amnestics.

Description: SCP-4513 is United States Interstate 94.1 SCP-4513 is subject to an anomalous phenomena where it, and the landscape surrounding it is altered. SCP-4513's alterations (SCP-4513-1) form ramps, loops, or other similar stunt pieces. Once a month has passed since the prior SCP-4513-1 alteration, SCP-4513-1 changes locations when no witnesses are present.

Addendum 4513.1: List of Noteworthy SCP-4513-1 Manifestations

Location Type Of Manifestation Additional Information
Wheatland, ND Vertical Loop The speed limit of 75 in Wheatland was enough for physics to allow drivers to pass without incident.
Menomonie, WI Hairpin Turn Although not many human casualties were suffered due to the flat landscape, many protected bird species at the nearby Red Cedar Waterfowl Protection Area suffered heavy casualties.
Galesburg, MI Double Corkscrew The SCP-4513-1 manifestation occurred on a bridge crossing Morrow Lake. No consumer car is able to match the speeds needed not to fall during the flipped section, and many casualties occurred in the lake before the Foundation was able to successfully close off the road.
Greentown, ND 45-Degree Corkscews. Both manifested structures intersected at an interchange.
Dalton, MN Propulsion Device2 Several cars collapsed on themselves due to the immense pressure at high speeds.
Osseo, WI Triple-Lane Intersecting Loops
Jade, MT Double 70-Degree Hairpin Turn Jade is located at the peak of a 4,000 meter mountain.
Milwaulkee, WI Double Vertical Loop leading into 45-Degree ramp

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