Just Girly Things SCP Draft
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Threat Level: PINK! I like pink :3

Item #: SCP-XXXX My favorite number is 7! Can we go with that?

Object Class: Keter Keter sounds kinda like kitten :3

Special Containment Procedures: My bedroom has a bunch of pink. PINNNKKKK. AND STUFFED KITTIESSSSSS.

ff7dae|Description: Well I hold my hair in a ponytail!

Idk what any of this means lol.

About Us! :3
By Jess Landons

Hi :3
Normal article things are SOOO boring, so I'm glad the format changed and dragged me in! Idk. I hope you don't mind Candi!!! You know I really love to code! I'm not the best at it but like what can I say?? Oh and I hope you like the themey stuff, graphic design is my passion lol. <3

Here! Try out this dress, SOOOOO my treat. Now we can get on to the info and stuff lol

I gotta say. Working with this type of database/code was definitely new for me! But it was certainly neat! I kinda liked what Candi had here before, and I even tried to keep some of it. But for some reason the blog was NOOTTTT having it lol. Anyways um enjoy the treats I've given so byyyyeee!

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