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Me and my girlfriend have been living in this house for awhile, a few years I think. We always liked the location, urban-rural mix of a location. When we first moved here, we would sit at picnic table the last house owners left in our front yard, and we would just watch the street from there. A few houses had kids that would ride their bikes around the block or play with toys in the front yard. But what really interested us was this old lady that lived across the street from us. Or to be more specific, the neighborhood cats that seemed to circulate her house. We would watch them come from what seemed like nowhere to eat the food she’d leave out for them. We only learned she was setting out food for cats that weren’t hers when we went and talked to her one day. She also revealed to us she would be moving soon, and needed someone else to feed the cats. She had five and six bowls of food for these cats. We had a cat of our own that needed the food, so we didn’t offer. She moved away, a few years passed, and we thought nothing of it.

Over the years, we still saw cats roam the neighborhood occasionally, but not nearly as much. But recently, we noticed an uptake in cats visiting our back yard. At this point we have three cats. Cats started visiting us more after the second one. More and more cats came, and we decided to start feeding them. My girlfriend really wanted to while I was iffy because as I said, we have three hungry cats inside. But alas, she didn't listen, bam we're feeding the outdoor cats. Normally I'm not able to get a camera to the door fast enough but one day I was able to snag a quick pic. The cats don't like people, they'll swiftly run, but I thought that's what all cats are like.



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