Randomly Generated Prompts

SCP-4456-D: Tell me that was truly the beginning of his downfall.

SCP-4456-A: I can hear you. Tell the research team to stand down.

SCP-4456-D: They'd try and get the media, Doctor. There was just the one subject left.

SCP-4456-A: … but it is obvious he is capable of making a mess of things once he finds an ally. You see, there are problems on every continent. In Africa, you've already lost.

Dr. ████: So you believe this is just one victim?

SCP-4456-A: Yes. I've already approached the Guinean government.

SCP-4456-D-0098: SCP-4456 continues to serve as a state agent, but a malfunction in SCP-4456's containment allows SCP-4456-A to complete the process by impersonating SCP-4456. The physical manifestation of SCP-4456-A takes the form of a male human male aged 25-45. SCP-4456-A states that it is a failed attempt by SCP-4456 to grant SCP-4456-B immortality by impersonating SCP-4456. SCP-4456-A refused to answer questions from personnel of Security and Researcher D████, as the entity had previously dismissed the interviews and attempts at questioning that had occurred.

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