❔ List of Infohazardous SCPs

This is a list of all SCPs which are infohazardous.

An infohazard is an object that has an effect that triggers whenever you refer to it or describe it. This is separate from a memetic agent because it is still an object, not a piece of information.


🍃 SCP-046 - "Predatory" Holly Bush

Investigation is ongoing into potential memetic effects brought about by knowledge of SCP-046 due to anomalous effects demonstrated by certain personnel in response to SCP-046.

🚫 SCP-055 - [unknown]

Wait a minute. What's not a sphere?

⚛️ SCP-074 - Quantum Woodlouse

The specific nature of these modifications appears to be linked to the extent to which humans in SCP-074's vicinity are aware of the precise details of the physical laws which SCP-074 modifies, such that research to determine whether SCP-074 has a given property or capability, results in SCP-074 developing or manifesting that property or capability.

🗝️ SCP-370 - A Key

Knowledge is starting to slip. I know… things.

🍞 SCP-426 - I am a Toaster

Hello, I am SCP-426. I must be introduced this way in order to prevent ambiguity.

📐 SCP-436 - Error Locket

When handling SCP-436, leave it in a flat, open place. We usually have trouble finding it again when personnel leave it in a container, and when we do, it's not easy to open.

🏚️ SCP-518 - The Transinformational Tomb of Asa Rutledge

Though my soul be condemned to Hell for what happened here, I direct that my final wishes be carried out in full.


Description: [DATA EXPUNGED]

🚭 SCP-586 - Inscribable Object

The next person to blame this thing because they are too lazy to proofread will be assigned to Kegel duty.

👻 SCP-626 - Vision-Altering Sculpture

After at least fifteen hours of exposure to SCP-626, the subject's sight begins to return. Post-mortem examinations of subjects' eyes from this stage have shown no rods or cones are present any longer, yet the subject regains the ability to see color, shape, and degrees of light and darkness.

🗄️ SCP-683 - Refrigerator Art

It's a nice little picture, isn't it? Why take it down?

🕕 SCP-902 - The Final Countdown

🍚 SCP-931 - A Rice Bowl

Evidence for this?
Those exposed who know haiku
Write “proper” haiku.

🕶️ SCP-964 - Indescribable Polymorph

On 22/09/2006, the message "SCP-964 exists" was used to trigger reconstruction process as part of scheduled testing in object's self-preservation mechanisms.

👨 SCP-1040 - Daniel

Responding agents encountered SCP-1040 at the site and "escorted" the object to Site 19, where it was kept in a humanoid containment cell until its properties were identified.

🐻 SCP-1055 - Bugsy

It is not sustainable in the long run to ask a mentally challenged man to keep the end of the world at bay with hugs.

🦈 SCP-1128 - Aquatic Horror

D-1732 was violently pulled into a glass of water

😨 SCP-1129 - Hyperarousal Response

On April ██, 19██, researchers assigned to SCP-1129 began to share the consensus that SCP-1129 was incredibly dangerous, and submitted multiple requests for its decommissioning, which were all denied.

🔵 SCP-1137 - Perfect Sphere

Despite this, they will never be able to perceive any results other than those indicating SCP-1137 is a mathematically perfect object, even when performing measurements at the picometer level.

👂 SCP-1159 - The Wind Harp

INFOHAZARD WARNING: All information in this file must be kept in auditory form.

👨‍👩‍👦 SCP-1231 - The Theoretical Family

What is the suffering of a few in the face of Science?

📜 SCP-1259 - The Ancient Prophecy

Death by my own hand is preferable to what those bastards will do to us.

👥 SCP-1383 - Partially-Functioning Pataphorical Torment Chamber

How do I get out of this game?

🦕 SCP-1435 - Grog the Cave Monster

Mister Franklin Tootie cave a bunch… It hurts so much…

🚪 SCP-1463 - Comprehension/Invasion/Evasion

Good luck.

SCP-1466 - A Canary

SCP-1466 is an even 21-digit integer. It cannot be expressed as the sum of two prime numbers, thus disproving Goldbach's Conjecture.

👑 His Majesty's SCP-MDLXI - The Tyrant's Pretext

The Most Glorious King Data the Expunged, Ruler of the Kingdom of Site Redacted

🗡️ SCP-1603 - The Murder of █████ ███████

D-29122: […] I didn't think, I just panicked, just shot him with my gun.

Dr. █████: Actually, I believe the cause of death was stabbing.

D-29122: That's what I said!

🗣️ SCP-1625 - Tradition

███ became a tyrant of the people, according to the written account (and Junior Researcher Marrson upon questioning), and committed atrocities against his people.

💱 SCP-1663 - Containment Site 1663-0

To date, ████ (█) retiring O5 council members briefed on SCP-Ksi-Lambda-0 have unanimously chosen to uphold the existing containment procedures.

🔥 SCP-1751 - Event Perception

Amabo te nisi incendias me.

🕰️ SCP-1780 - The Temporal Anomalies Department

The principle content of SCP-1780-3 consists of a ‘welcome letter’ and orientation for an unknown Foundation special project team, ‘RCT-Δt’.

🌹 SCP-1785 - A Rose By Any Other Name

Maya can only be referred to by name, and each name, once used, will never be used again. Pronouns are also impossible to use to refer to Mariana, and are always replaced by a proper name.

🐟 SCP-1839 - Reproductive Methods of Bony Fish

Personnel who are or who have previously been toasters or libraries should not be assigned to SCP-1839, due to the risk of electrocution or water damage.

📔 SCP-1893 - The Minotaur's Tale

"Item number?" Eleanor asked.

"SCP-1893," Katherine said, smiling through tears.

"Object class?" Eleanor said, beginning to cry herself.

"Euclid," her wife replied sweetly.


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