❔ List of Meta/Pata Articles

Note: The following list displays articles which directly address the reader, or refer to their own fiction. Not all articles tagged as meta on the Wiki itself are appropriate on this list.

As Jarry claimed that 'pataphysics existed "as far from metaphysics as metaphysics extends from regular reality," a pataphor attempts to create a figure of speech that exists as far from metaphor as metaphor exists from non-figurative language.

Whereas a metaphor is the comparison of a real object or event with a seemingly unrelated subject in order to emphasize the similarities between the two, the pataphor uses the newly created metaphorical similarity as a reality with which to base itself.


✍️ S Andrew Swann's Proposal - The Database

But we found out that there is a God, and it is SCP-001.

And it’s a bunch of horror writers.

🗺️ I.H.Pickman's Proposal - Story of Your Life

"Sinclair's actually been able to pinpoint instances in which the narrative focus shifts away, if only briefly. You know what happens?"

"What?" Verhoten asked.

"Absolutely nothing. We keep existing, going about our lives, having conversations, and just… developing. Going on. That means that God isn't always paying attention, but we're still here regardless."

🗡️ SCP-1304 - Metafictional Rebirth Ritual

They can't all be "discovering" the ritual independently, and yet only a handful of authors admit to having been inspired by another work. How do they know it? How is it being told to them?

🛑 SCP-2215 - I Saw the Sign

My father was a tree, my mother the sea, my brother a limping rooster. Who am I?

💭 SCP-2413 - Critical Thinking

WARNING: Accessing SCP-2413's documentation will cause auditory hallucinations. If you have arrived at this file in error, and do not wish to familiarize yourself with the object, please close the document now and report to your immediate superior.

📺 SCP-2614 - Sometimes I Go Out In Pity For Myself


🚫 SCP-2747 - As below, so above.

SCP-2747 is a phenomenon appearing in print and online media whereby platforms dedicated to the discussion of works of fiction begin to mention a nonexistent instance of fictional media.

🎛️ SCP-2786 - The Archetype

The following documentation has been flagged as COMPROMISED by SCP-2786's effects.

🐑 SCP-2916 - A Lamb, a Shepherd, and a Wolf

She called me cub, and I fell in love with her. How could I not? I don't know. She's a Reader, like you. And this is a story, in its own way. He doesn't see that, but it is. But he's sated now, I think. I turned on him, I killed him, the story's finished. Forever.

SCP-3043 - Murphy Law in… Type 3043 — FOR MURDER!

Heroes always do what's right. But me?

MURPHY walks out of the lab and into the streets, smoking a cigarette — holstering his piece. He walks away, toward the fading sun.

I'm no hero. I'm Murphy Law.

🕵️ SCP-3143 - Murphy Law in… The Foundation Always Rings Twice!

Sorry to break it to you, doc. But you're just a spooky ghost story dressed up in a lab-coat, glasses, and a funny little accent.

⚰️ SCP-3167 - Character Assassin (Or: The Serial Killer)

The deed was done; the figure had collected their latest kill, and turned a new page in their life.

👤 SCP-3309 - Where We Go When We Fade, Fade Away

Did we ever find out where those neutralized anomalies went? Surely it can't be so easy, to do what we did, to feel justice without any repercussions. That's unlike us. But it feels like everyone, everyone except me, forgot what happened to those anomalies. Is it that simple? Have we simply forgotten?

I don't want to be forgotten.

📥 SCP-3500 - I'm So Meta Even This Article

Hello, I'll wave. It's me, Penelope, being meta. Welcome to the Note At The End.

🧚🏿‍♂️ SCP-3677 - Paradix High School: Paradise for the Paranormal

Khan, you can't hear me, but it wasn't your fault.

📖 SCP-3775 - Evobasa Woleb

Following the discovery of new details related to SCP-3775, information on Garrett Evobasa Woleb and certain details of the murders is currently restricted to the Site Director and O5 Command (see Addendum 3775.B)

👥 SCP-3812 - A Voice Behind Me

You… no, you can't see him. I can. I think he was above us at one point, but he's below me now. Yes, I see you there. I don't know what you did to me, but I'm pretty messed up, man. If you can figure something out here that would be great, because I really feel like I'm losing it. I'm scared too, man. You've got to do something, man. You've got to help me out here. Please, god, please.

👁️‍🗨️ SCP-3999 - I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me

The Eleven Day Empire melted me, and I submitted. You watched me submit from the moment I joined the Foundation community.

SCP-3999 has won.

SCP-3999 has lost.

📧 SCP-4010 - Attempt to look at what we accomplished

Great, I have the basic setup. Now let's dig into the database.

⚔️ SCP-4028 - La Historia de Don Quixote de la Mancha

Well… they could be giants.

✍️ SCP-4410 - The Ongoing Development of an Art Form

Online collaborations such as this are often fleeting, but there are some very passionate SCP-4410-1 instances. I'm hoping this community can stay active for three, maybe four years. We'll see.


🗯️ Never Metafictional Character I Didn't Like

"The Foundation —"



📝 Operation ÓverMeta

"Of course, yes. I didn't mean anything by it. The point is, no matter how far these data points fall in merit, they seem to be immune to the rules that govern all the others."

🦉 Cygnus


So It Was

It is regretful to announce that in two weeks time, we will need to shut down Wikidot. We thank the community for sticking with us for all these years, though we do understand that you may have lots of questions regarding the nature of why we are choosing to shut down after a 12 year run.

🕴️ Recovered Media: The Hard-Boiled Adventures of Murphy Law

On 24/12/2017, a Foundation-operated bot (I/O-ISMETA) located a series of archived discussions pertaining to SCP-3143 across several defunct comic book enthusiast forums, totaling 49 posts. Prior to enactment of standard Foundation media alteration protocol 912-A ("TWILIGHT ZONE"), 7 relevant files were recovered.

These files are included below.

✍️ Metafiction

"Is this some sort of joke?", he spat angrily.

✒️ This Is A Direct Appeal

"For whatever reason, tormenting us is… better, in a narrative sense.”

“For them.”

“Obviously for them. Yes.”

⚙️ ...Like Clockwork


👩‍💻 The Self Insert

"What did he just say?" Six leaned forward, turning up the volume.

"I think it was something along the lines of 'Wow. 12 meters high. I didn't think they actually did that.'" Jack fiddled with his amulet, staring at the man before them. "Do you think this guy is on the level?"

🦖 (Too) Late Registration

Uncle Nicolini
Contactable Via Private Message
Lazy Hack, SCP Wiki

Joke Articles

🗑️ SCP-309-J - i accidentally the entire article

how do i delete articles

👎 SCP-1212-J - Standards

Dr. ████: Not only did the three of you ignore the clear, three-week deadline, but you out-and-out ignored the item completely! Why?
Researcher ████: It's boring.
Dr. ████: …what?

🔼 SCP-2421-J - The Upvote Syndrome

Possible side effects of exposing non-infected staff members to SCP-2421-2-J include:

  • A compulsion to edit the article heavily;
  • Increased levels of irritability and anger;
  • A desire to attack the infected member with a hammer.

👀 SCP-HR009-J - Eye-Grabbing Clickbait Title

Where to begin. I guess it all starts with my love of Hanna-Barbera cartoons.

SCP-META-EX-J - Please Don't Coldpost

Object Class: Uncontained Apollyon Explained? Apollyon Keter Explained Definitely Apollyon Explained, to a degree, I guess Confusing (Pending Class Reassignment)

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