Universal Remote
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Welcome, Dr. Archibald.
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Item #: SCP-XX

Object Class: Safe (provisional)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX is to be kept in a small-item locker. Confirmation testing is currently ongoing.

Description: SCP-XX is a TV remote control. The object functions as expected, with the exception of four media navigation buttons. When one is pressed, a minute reality distortion can be detected propagating from the transmitter.

Discovery: SCP-XX was found among the possessions of an operative of the Serpent's Hand, who was killed during the raid. Associated documents describe it as an experimental anomaly created to study the flow of time and its relation to the superluminal aether.

Addendum XX-1: Recovered Note

From what is said in the Book of Things Above, this should be it. The binding is in place, and it seems to me that this construction, while unusual, should be valid.

However I am nervous, and have hesitated to try: can I really be sure that this is not seal actually bound to the realm below? Such a case would be disastrous, but I do not think I can verify its correctness. I suppose I should return to the Library to find more on this subject.

For now I will sleep and reflect, and prevent my work from falling into the wrong hands.

Addendum XX-2: Testing Logs

Button Result
Fast forward Any later emissions from SCP-XX are sent at half speed.
Rewind Any later emissions from SCP-XX are sent at double speed.
Play Baseline emission. No additional effects.
Pause 𝖨
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