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Spontaneously generated habitation within SCP-3482.

Item #: SCP-3482

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Independent wildlife rangers under contract with the Foundation are operating in the regions around SCP-3482, reporting any abnormalities in local terrain or wildlife which could be related to SCP-3482 activity. These rangers are to receive a class of amnestics relative to their exposure to the anomalous if follow-up operations uncover genuine SCP-3482 activity.

Manna Charitable Foundation (GoI-082) and Wilson's Wildlife Solutions (GoI-466) are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of SCP-3482 with supervision from the SCP Foundation. Marshall, Carter & Dark (GoI-012) is allowed to operate within SCP-3482 so long as GoI-466 reports their behavior to the Foundation and the Foundation retains 15% of all monetary transactions between GoI-012 and GoI-466. Foundation agents stationed in rural or remote outposts may be selected for SCP-3482 observation missions as necessary.

All specimens which escape SCP-3482 are to be held for study within Site-64, and then returned intact to GoI-466.

Description: SCP-3482 is a wildlife sanctuary located northeast of ███████, Oregon; due to spatial distortion anomalies the total area cannot be accurately measured. The method/location of entry is highly variable, maintained by Wilson's Wildlife Solutions and the Manna Charitable Foundation in an effort to prevent civilians or other outside groups from observing or interfering with the operations of SCP-3482.

The topography, geography, non-anomalous flora and fauna, and other aspects of the biome within SCP-3482 adapt to organisms introduced from outside SCP-3482. These changes inevitably benefit the survivability of introduced organisms. For example, when a small anteater population was introduced to SCP-3482 the population of ants within SCP-3482 greatly increased (from less than 8 colonies to over 300). Where the needs of organisms conflict, SCP-3482 appears to favor the most recently introduced organisms.

Infrastructure within SCP-3482 has been becoming more geared towards human activity due to the increase of tours and other human activity by the Manna Charitable Foundation and Marshall, Carter, & Dark Ltd. The sectors of SCP-3482 managed by Wilson's Wildlife Solutions have not been as affected by these alterations, but the total area of land habitable to SCP-3482 residing wildlife has been reduced by 17% since 2028.

Due to this encroachment of humanity within SCP-3482, entities previously held within its area have been migrating out of SCP-3482. This has resulted in increasing anomalous incidents in nearby human settlements. Foundation operatives and GoI-466 have determined that, in light of recent events1, they will take full responsibility in handling larger scale anomalies, supported by Foundation contractors.

Taking into account SCP-3482's relative isolation, the new leadership of Wilson's and their willingness to compromise in collaboration, limited assistance is to be given to their field researchers on a case-by-case basis. — Director Holman, Site-64

History: The earliest known records of SCP-3482's existence came from Native American tribes who regarded the area as dangerous. Early American western settlers were known to be directed towards SCP-3482 with the purpose of preventing white settlement in the region. As a result, there was sparse human habitation around SCP-3482 when it came to Foundation attention.

SCP-3482 was discovered by Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, who set up the initial preservation infrastructure. Due to the large cost in money and manpower required to maintain this posture, Wilson's contacted the Manna Charitable Foundation to form a partnership. It has been postulated that Marshall, Carter, & Dark assisted in forming this cooperation but this has not been confirmed.

Wilson's Wildlife Solutions and the Manna Charitable Foundation had been in communication due to their overlapping operations, collaborating outside of Foundation influence. Due to previous conflicts with all involved groups, the Foundation has taken an oversight role to ensure operational security.

Notable SCP-3482 entities. Habitat and Behavior Notes
SCP-2895 Sandy and desert environments, despite their anomalous attributes generally serve as decomposers and scavengers, only utilizing their anomalous traits in self-defense. Studied specimens lack SCP-2895's distinctive pigmentation, and perish once outside of SCP-3482
Aquatic Eye Pods Main body is similar to SCP-131, with the addition of dorsal fins and gills for underwater breathing. Foundation assets currently attempting to acquire a specimen for biological comparison with SCP-131.
Plant Entities Seeding similar to SCP-1513 with some variation due to natural genetic mutation. Strains with greater and lesser aggression, intelligence, and mobility have been noted. As more humans have been regularly touring SCP-3482, it has been noted that a few disappearances have been linked to SCP-3482. The prospect of death has not deterred future SCP-3482 tourism, as MC&D has even begun emphasizing this in their marketing materials.
Headlights Introduced by the Foundation, instances of SCP-745 have taken over habitat abandoned by the naturally occurring phenomenon due to human encroachment. Night driving within SCP-3482 is prohibited for Foundation personnel due to the potential for crashing and death. Manna and Wilson's have imposed similar bans, and have requested the Foundation not introduce any additional wildlife to SCP-3482. MC&D has not altered any of their policies in reaction to SCP-745 related casualties.
Gigantic Cephalapod No underground water reservoirs exist, with all chasms and spaces benath the surface which would normally contain water being filled by an octopus which excretes water and nutrients to the surface. Water is being tested as a possible source of SCP-3482's anomaly.

Addendum: Recovered documentation pertaining to the relevant groups of interest. As the nature of their involvement with SCP-3482 has changed, due in part to events documented in these files, this document has been slated for major revision.

The following is not a complete list of documents related to SCP-3482, nor of those relating to GoI interactions. These items have been deemed sufficient in conveying the situation, as far as the Foundation is presently aware. Contact the on-site archivist(s) for further information.


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