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Spontaneously generated habitation within SCP-0000.

Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Independent wildlife rangers contracted to the Foundation are to be based in the regions around SCP-0000, reporting any abnormalities in local terrain and wildlife which could be related to SCP-0000 activity. These rangers are to receive a class of amnestics relative to their exposure to the anomalous if follow-up operations uncover genuine anomalous activity.

Manna Charitable Foundation (GoI-082) and Wilson's Wildlife Solutions (GoI-466) are responsible for maintenance and upkeep of SCP-0000 with supervision from the SCP Foundation. Marshall, Carter & Dark (GoI-012) is allowed to observe SCP-0000's interior in exchange for a monetary sum. Operatives within local government organizations are responsible for obtaining these funds, while Foundation agents stationed in rural or remote outposts will be randomly selected for SCP-0000 observation missions.

All specimens which escape SCP-0000 are to be held for study within Site-64, and then returned intact to GoI-466.

Description: SCP-0000 is a wildlife sanctuary located northeast of ███████, Oregon. It comprises an area fluctuating between 1 and 5 square kilometers; due to spatial distortion anomalies the total area cannot be accurately measured. The entrance to SCP-0000 is concealed by Wilson's Wildlife Solutions and the Manna Charitable Foundation with the method/location of entry being highly variable in an effort to prevent civilians or other outside groups from observing or interfering with the operations of SCP-0000.

The topography, geography, non-anomalous flora and fauna, and other aspects of the biome within SCP-0000 adapt to organisms introduced from outside SCP-0000. These changes inevitably benefit the survivability of introduced organisms. For example, when a small anteater population was introduced to SCP-0000 the population of ants within SCP-0000 greatly increased (from less than 8 colonies to over 300). Where the needs of organisms conflict, SCP-0000 appears to favor the most recently introduced organisms.

Infrastructure within SCP-0000 has been becoming more geared towards human activity due to the increase of tours and other human activity by the Manna Charitable Foundation and Marshall, Carter, & Dark Ltd.. The sectors of SCP-0000 managed by Wilson's Wildlife Solutions have not been as affected by these alterations, but the total area of land habitable to SCP-0000 residing wildlife has been reduced by 17% since 2028.

Due to this encroachment of humanity within SCP-0000, entities previously held within its area have been migrating out of SCP-0000. This has resulted in increasing anomalous incidents in nearby human settlements. Foundation operatives and GoI-466 have determined that, in light of recent events1, they will take full responsibility in handling larger scale anomalies, supported by Foundation contractors.

Taking into account SCP-0000's relative isolation, the new leadership of Wilson's and their willingness to compromise in collaboration, limited assistance is to be given to their field researchers on a case-by-case basis. — Director Holman, Site-64

History: The earliest known records of SCP-0000's existence came from Native American tribes who regarded the area as dangerous. Early American western settlers were known to be directed towards SCP-0000 with the purpose of preventing white settlement in the region. As a result, there were few human settlements around SCP-0000 when it came to Foundation attention.

SCP-0000 was discovered by Wilson's Wildlife Solutions, who set up the initial preservation infrastructure. Due to the large cost in money and manpower required to maintain this posture, Wilson's contacted the Manna Charitable Foundation to form a partnership. It has been postulated that Marshall, Carter, & Dark assisted in forming this cooperation but this has not been confirmed.

Wilson's Wildlife Solutions and the Manna Charitable Foundation had been in communication due to their similar goals and beliefs, and have created an alliance outside of the Foundation due to newfound independence. Due to the Foundation and Manna's conflicts in the past, the Foundation has double checked agreements and concessions made between Wilson's Wildlife Solutions and Manna Charitable to make sure no actions have been taken against the Foundation's goals and policies.

[Possibly good to add:] We might want to include a table of notable creatures that have either escaped or are still inside, maybe something like different strains of the potted pets, versions of the headlights that evolved to trick offroad vehicles, maybe something like more of stingy the scorpion and possibly that air crocodile. Those are all the animal ones I can think off the top of my head but I think a mix of 8 total creatures, a few original and a few remixes of existing SCPs, would be a good addition. We could have further description of them in the GoI formats as well.


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The Structure


A wildlife sanctuary that begins as a shared venture between Wilson's wildlife and MCF but it generates enough revenue that it causes the story's conflict, they begin feuding over who has the rights to this place, and it's also full of anomalous animals

Maybe get a b story about the anomalous creatures breaking out because they're not reinvesting in the preserve they're fighting with each other

I feel like we could have an SCP document be a framing device and include GoI format stuff within the SCP itself as addenda or otherwise included documents.

The perfect convergence of anomalous terrain to allow these supernatural creatures to be kept healthy.

Perhaps the Foundation was preparing to contain it when the two charitable groups worked together to make it a nature reserve.

We could maybe grab some SCPs like the headlights to have crosslinks for.

I'm pretty sold on using this being from the Foundation's perspective to our advantage. By that I mean that we should have a limited scope. Say, if there was a big event that happened within SCP-0000 that really put MCF and WWS at odds, perhaps the Foundation would not know about it. Maybe most if not all of their information on what goes on inside of SCP-0000 is from WWS, and they've ceased to report things because their focus is split.

Also, this should take place in the future (past 2020) if only because that's when Tim Wilson is dead and his daughter, Faeowynn Wilson, takes over. She's a much better runner of the organization, so they have more power and individuality in the future, and we can work in a throwaway line about that to set this up for them.

I imagine that MCF was coaxed into giving tours to an anomalous community after MC&D said they would pay to set up tours through the place, and we can circle back around to another throwaway line to how WWS is on bad terms with MC&D (due to the events of SCP-3465).

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