Rotting Love 2
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Item #: SCP-4168 Level 3/4168
Object Class: Euclid Classified

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-4168-1 and SCP-4168-2 are to be kept in a humanoid containment cell modified for the cohabitation of two individuals in Site-17. SCP-4168 is to remain in the care of SCP-4168-1, except for testing purposes.

SCP-4168-2 is to be put in a medically induced coma for two hours a day. During this time a researcher or agent of level 3 clearance or higher is to stay with SCP-4168-1. SCP-4168-1 is to see a site psychologist during this time once a week.

SCP-4168 is a ring with a heart-shaped stone measuring 41.7mm across of rose quartz on a pyrite1 base measuring 13.26mm in diameter. SCP-4168's anomalous properties currently only manifest when worn by SCP-4168-1. SCP-4168-1 is a 23 year old woman named Marie Ang from Lille, France. SCP-4168-2 is a 24 year old man named Simon Langson previously living in Lille, France but was born in Sheffield, England.

SCP-4168-1 experiences decomposition of the body, starting with the heart if either SCP-4168-2 is not within two meters, if SCP-4168 is not worn or both. The decay does not progress in a manner natural to non-anomalous human cadavers.

During testing, SCP-4168-1 was separated from SCP-4168 and SCP-4168-2 for a period of five days (the longest such test conducted). At the end of this period, SCP-4168-1 had large abscesses covering approximately 70% of its skin. Additionally its heart, ribcage, and other internal organs were partially exposed due to advanced decomposition of surrounding tissue. SCP-4168-1 reported severe pain but was not otherwise impaired or in danger of death. Upon returning SCP-4168 and SCP-4168-2 to the presence of SCP-4168-1, these changes reverted sequentially in the reverse order that they appeared, and on a similar time frame.

Addendum-3-Journal Logs:

On 4/18/20██, the foundation recovered a personal diary of SCP-4168-1 from its home. The following are the findings.


On 04/20/20██, the foundation recovered several files of interest from the personal computer of SCP-4168-2 back at its home. The files included the following:

• A folder of a voice that had been put through a voice modifier. The voice clip was shown to SCP-4168-1, who revealed it was the same dialogue it had heard when initially ordering SCP-4168 over the phone.

• An email account under the URL of moc.srelewejslatsyrc|plehsrlewejslatsyrc#moc.srelewejslatsyrc|plehsrlewejslatsyrc with a programmed response system.

• A folder labeled ‘Contacts for Ring.’ The contents included several phone numbers and emails, all of which failed to open.

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