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Welcome to the Wanderer's Library first ever collaborative contest. As that implies, you will work together with other users to create a hub for a collective group of stories, will when then be posted under the Series > Collections tab. Your goal is simple: to come up with a fictional author whose works can be found in the Wanderer's Library which are connected by things such as style, theme, setting, etc (not necessarily all of these), and then to create some of those works for other people to read.

What is an author?

An author is someone who writes. Even you! But here we have something more specific in mind. The Library, being nearly infinite, contains many volumes of writing by (almost) anyone who has put a pen to page. They are neatly sorted in some way understood only by the highest level archivists, and if you know how to look for them you can create a collection. We are going to be creating such collections. First, come up with an idea for your author. Where are they from? Why did they start writing? What do they write? What was there life like? Then your team will create works that can be attributed to that author. As mentioned above, these works must be cohesive in some way - after all, every great writer has their own style. The nature of that cohesiveness is up to you. For example, your author may write love poems, or a history of a war fought between rival planets, or categorize various magical herbs and spices. Basically, come up with a one sentence answer to the question "what does your author write about?" and use that as a basis going forward. Go wild with it! Be creative as you want, just make sure it all fits together.


1) Your team must consist of 3 to 5 people. No person can be a member of multiple teams.
2) Each team member must post at least one entry to the site.
3) Each team must post at least five entries total.
4) Each team must post a hub page which includes: a) a description/biography of your author b) a section for listing tales by the author c) a guide for non-team members who would like to write entries for the author's page after the contest ends.
5) Entries that reach the deletion vote range do not count towards your team's 5 post minimum. They will not be deleted until the end of the contest, and their score will count against your team's average (for example, two stories with ratings of -5 and +10 have a (10 - 5)/2 = 2.5 average).
6) August 1st to August 7th will be for team formation. No entries may be posted at this time. To be eligible for the contest, you must make an edit to this page under the "Teams" section using the following format:

> **Team Name:** 
> //Members//: 
> //Author Name://
> //Author Theme:// [Remember, one sentence, snappy description!]

7) August 8th to August 22nd will be for posting entries. You may post and vote on entries at this time.
8) August 23rd to August 30th will be for voting. New entries cannot be posted during this time period.
9) Final scores will be determined by the average of all submitted entries, plus 1 bonus point per entry over the five minimum.
10) Only team members may add entries to the author's hub. After the contest ends, any author may create a page and link it to the hub in the appropriate place.
11) No shenanigans. What shenanigans entail is determined entirely by staff. If you are unsure whether something is considered shenanigans or not, message someone from the Meet the Staff page


Winning teams will receive:

First place: Each team member will be given a 15 dollar gift card to
Second place: [art for your hub?]
Third place: [css for your hub?]


List 'em here! If you're putting a new team in, put it at the bottom of the list

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