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SCP Idea: Forest that has, in order to protect itself, started "growing" surveillance technology, automated security systems, etc. Cameras in the tries that spy on litterers and send birds/chipmunks/insects to attack them.

An Abnormality

Lewis Roque was taking a noon tea at La Marquise, a small DC cafe few people had heard of. He'd been trying to make a habit of it — he liked the idea of having his own lunch spot — but work frequently got in the way. More days than not he had to scarf down a sandwich in his office, or eat nothing. He dined at La Marq when he could, and found going to a place just one or two times a week will make you a regular in the waitstaff's eyes if you do it for three years.

Today there was a new barista. She was the only working at the moment, it seemed. When Lewis tried to ask about it, she said something about business matters that needed to be taken care of. Lewis asked what sort of business matters baristas had to take care of in the middle of the day. "I dunno," she said. "They don't tell me anything around here yet." Lewis shrugged and ordered a grilled cheese with tomato bisque and black tea. As if this place needed more than one worker anyway. Sometimes his whole lunch break would go by without another customer entering.

He sat at his normal table by the window. When she brought the food out, he was reading over a text he'd just received from his [X]. He muttered a thanks while typing out a reply. It was from another person coming to him with problems that never would have happened if they had taken his advice. Someone who would get purged once Lewis made it high enough up in the company for thinking that a Harvard degree and a rich dad was a substitute for common sense. He thought about the teams he would build, once he was finally running his own funds. He'd boot out all the old nitwits, pick a group actually based on merit, and show the knuckledraggers what it really looked like to make money.

That was long term. For now, lunch.

Lewis Roque: 28, finance professional, strong social climber and go getter attitude. Rises quickly through ranks and is always professional.

There is a certain type of man, embodied by Lewis Roque, who…

Note: Story about Duke Huan, his psychotic older brother, his half-brother who he kills, his kingdom.

Welcome To FoundationSERV

What would you like to do today?

You do not have permission to access that log.

Please enter your alternate access credentials.

Credentials accepted. Opening private chat log O12/131006/5

Begin Log

Sender ID: O5-12

Recipient ID: ibnradah

S: You wanted to speak with me?

R: Yes.

R: What do you think about?

S: I'd assumed further discussion about the Zabid agreement.

R: No. That's not the agreement we'll be discussing.

R: We're going to talk about an agreement you haven't made yet but will.

R: One just between us.

S: I don't understand why you think you're in a position to make such statements.

R: You don't understand much.

R: If you did you'd have thought more before acting. It's not the 1980s anymore. Do you get what I'm saying?

R: We know about your moles.

S: I don't know what moles you're talking about

R: It's fine, you'll get them back alive. They've given us everything we needed. I'm amazed you thought we didn't know.

R: How's the Div-E Sepid?

S: If you want to make an agreement, first you should start making sense.

R: It's more than you bargained for, isn't? Not as controllable as you expected? I wonder how many times you've changed the containment procedures.

R: The new council-members will probably be appointed soon. How long do you think you can hide it?

S: You slimey fuck. What do you think you're doing?

R: Offering assistance. With caveats. We know how to control the Div-E Sepid. Do as we ask, and we'll let you know too. Do enough fast enough, and you might even find out in time to cover up your mistake.

S: I can't believe you have the audacity to think this will work.

R: That's why we're going to get away with it.

R: I'd suggest you go tell the others. I'll send you our request soon, and you'll probably want to be ready quick. Who knows when that thing might get loose again ;)

Exit Log? Y/N


Understood. O5-3, logging off.

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