Safe. No Keter. Maybe Euclid. Perhaps Apollyon. I got it...Seuteryon
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Item#: XXXX-J
Containment Class:
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The name of SCP-XXXX-J-K

Assigned Site Site Director Research Head Assigned Task Force
No Site can contain it If no Site can contain it than how is there a Site Director to owns the Site that it's Contained in Dr. Sky D. Karren It cannot be contained and there is no Mobile Task Force to contain It!

Special Containment Procedures: I said it like 1000 times, SCP-XXXX-J cannot be Contained!

Description: SCP-XXXX-J is an anomolous occurance that manifests when Foundation Personnel on their first day mispronounce the word "Keter". It was theorized that first time employes mispronounce the word "Keter" because their new to the SCP-Foundation. After multiple employees applying and joining the Foundation, it seems every single employee on their first day mispronounces the word "Keter" for the entirety of their first day at the Foundation. It was even confirmed by Dr. Sky Karren that even the O5-Council mispronounced the word "Keter" for the first day that the the word "Keter" was considered an SCP Object Class. Due to multiple reports of this phenomenon, the word "Keter" is to be classified as SCP-XXXX-J-K. Foundation employees on their first day are to now know of the Object Class "Keter" until the second or some day afterward. It was also confirmed that someone who is not part of the Foundation can pronounce SCP-XXXX-J-K perfectly, but when application gets accepted, SCP-XXXX occurs.

Addendum 3K-J: Dr. Karren ran an experiment by observing new employees and testing to see if SCP-XXXX-J exists (See 3K-J Tests).

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