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SCP-256 within containment.

Item #: SCP-256

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-256 is to be contained within a modified high security anomalous item observation chamber at Site 76. The walls of this chamber must be composed of concrete with a core of galvanized rubber, and conductive rods are to be placed near the entrance of the chamber, extending around the perimeter of the observation deck. Access must only be obtained through a soundproofed airlock. Video and EMR surveillance measures are to be used to monitor SCP-256.

Entry and direct observation is currently restricted to only those individuals who have obtained the necessary surgical adaptations to resist the effects of SCP-256. To see the current list of authorized individuals, please see Document 256-b. Personnel not on this list may enter the chamber with active level 256/3 security credentials, but these individuals must wear "passive" sound cancelling headphones. These individuals are required to be stripped of all electronics, ferrous metals and otherwise conductive materials. Additionally, they are required to equip Class V "Roesler" High Voltage (insulated and redirective) bodysuits.

If at any time the current between SCP-256's copper discs oscillates more than the average peak of 26%, all unauthorized personnel, regardless of security clearance, must evacuate the observation area. Only authorized personnel are to remain within the containment chamber during oscillations.

All additional recording (aside from the stationary EMR and video devices) must be done by hand. Paper and wax pencils are permitted. No conductive utensils are to be used.

Description: SCP-256 is a typewriter manufactured by the Continental company in 1935. SCP-256 is similar to a standard typewriter in most respects, with the exception of fixed-position keys and two concave, copper discs in place of the rollbar. EM readings show that a significant electrical charge passes between the copper discs without any conductive medium.

If any conductive items are brought into the containment chamber, the current will increase in both amplitude and voltage, eventually arcing out and striking the items in question. The origin of this energy is unknown.

For further information, see File 256-b.

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