The core in which SCP-XXXX is contained, submerged in water

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter Thaumiel (unstable/dangerous/useful)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX's core is to be constantly submerged in water and contained in a custom-built neutrino detector. Provisional Site XXXX has been established around Emerald Mountain Power Plant. The site is to be supplied with functioning Geiger counters, Kant counters, spectrometers, and an accelerator-grade particle detector. Provisional Site XXXX is to be staffed by a team of Foundation researchers trained in quantum physics, theoretical physics, applied physics, astrophysics and nuclear engineering. If SCP-XXXX shows instability or imminent meltdown, the area is to be evacuated under Foundation Issue Cover Story #104 ("Class 5 Hurricane Threat") and personnel should prepare for a containment breach and possible neutralization. Provisional Site XXXX is to maintained under the pretense of a private nuclear power station. The area is to be cordoned off and trespassers will be detained and are subject to termination. Foundation satellites MASINT-2590 Gulf of Mexico Measurement Satellite ("Smaragdine Waters") and IMINT-305 Florida and North Carribean Surveillance Satellite ("Que Bola?") are responsible for the surveillance of SCP-XXXX

Description: SCP-XXXX is



Discovery: SCP-XXXX was discovered after a joint observation-surveillance report filed by Foundation satellites MASINT-2590 Gulf of Mexico Measurement Satellite ("Smaragdine Waters") and IMINT-305 Florida and North Carribean Surveillance Satellite ("Que Bola?"). The report is filed below. [TO DO: FORMAT FONT AND MAKE NOT YELLOW PLEASE. ALSO SPACING]

Observation Transcript of MASINT-2590 Gulf of Mexico Measurement Satellite ("Smaragdine Waters") 3/18/1989
[0:47] MASINT-2950: Unrelated thing?
[1:31] MASINT-2950: Unusual light source measured at 2000 lumens. (frequency+color) [LOCATION, coordinates] As per standard protocol, general measurements taken.
[1:32] MASINT-2950: Humes measured rapidly fluctuating between 2.4 H and 94.1 H. ANOMALY PROBABILITY: 42% Shifting from Standby mode to Active surveillance mode. Geostat over AREA, FL. Establishing connection to IMINT-305 Florida and North Carribean Surveillance Satellite ("Que Bola?")
[1:33] IMINT-305: Conexión establecida. La anomalía detectada es de origen estadounidense. Traduciendo la transcripción al idioma inglés para facilitar la contención. (LANG 02) … (LANG 03) MASINT-2950 readings confirmed. Beginning aerial photography analysis.
[1:35] MASINT-2950: Light increased from 2000 lumens to 2200 lumens. Humes stabilizing at 9 H. Absorbed radiation measured around light source at 17 rads. ANOMALY PROBABILITY: 51% … RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL PROBABILITY: 76% ESTIMATED CHARTREUSE-LEVEL THREAT **
[1:36] MASINT-2950:** Humes resuming fluctuation. Possible EVE emission detected. Analysis commencing.
IMINT-305: Aerial photo-analysis complete. Source of fluctuation: Emerald Mountain Power Plant and surrounding area. Infrared reading detecting extremely high temparatures. Infrared bio-census results indicate presecence of humans inside plant [9], humans outside plant [2]. Commencing small-scale infrared readings of 1.5 km2.

[1:38] MASINT-2950:EVE analysis complete. [Readings] Alpha and beta radiation at [measurment detected] ANOMALY PROBABILITY: 68% … RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL PROBABILITY: 92%… THAUMATURGIC ANOMALY PROBABILITY: 41% ** ESTIMATED AMBER-LEVEL THREAT **

[1:41] IMINT-305:Small scale analysis complete. Additional human found (1) as well as the following specimens of wildlife. (Wildlife found)
MASINT-2950: Additional EVE pulse found. (Readings) Radiation (Alpha, Beta and Electromagnetic) and Heat measurements increasing. Humes radiply dropping. Sound detected from the area at XXX db. ANOMALY PROBABILITY: 82% … RADIOACTIVE MATERIAL PROBABILITY: 99%… THAUMATURGIC ANOMALY PROBABILITY: 73%… ANOMALY UNSTABILITY (swap out for heat and sound thing?) 46% **ESTIMATED SCARLET-LEVEL THREAT **

[1:42] MASINT-2950 + IMINT-305:Detected anomaly in danger of threatening civilians. Contacting Foundation Reconaissence Base…

End Transcript


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