that's no moon


containment procedures: a massive solar farm has been built on orbital satellite (number whatever) for the purposes of displaying a large-scale hologram.
the tides of the sea are simulated via use of a tectonic shifter installed somewhere.
massive disinformation campaign and global use of amnestics
huge space race 2.0 trying to get the fuck off of earth

orbital satellite (number whatever) is what remains of the moon.
moon got blown the fuck up because it was being used as the forward base for a planned xeno invasion of earth
aliens are all gross looking and barely humanoid and look more like deep sea monster than anything
foundation found out something was on the moon and helped fund space missions leading to apollo 11 landing on the moon
they discovered a bunch of shit and ran back to earth asap
i need to find some good weapon scp articles to use here, ones that like fire a big laser or something. or something equally as destructive.
either way, they blew up the moon and saved the world, but the world also got kinda fucked in the process
war proposals and usage of scps to combat this here
north eastern US is underwater, west china is a hellish wasteland, most of russia has gone dark, oregon has completely disappeared, the entire amazon is on fire
space race 2.0

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