Item #: SCP-008-EX

Object Class: Explained

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-008-EX is not anomalous, nor has ever been thought to be anomalous. The containment procedures for this object exist as a form of public service announcement, for all personnel to follow and encourage.

Personnel are to read the guidelines and suggestions outlined in Protocol 008-EX, and to follow them to prevent the spread of SCP-008-EX. Personnel are also encouraged to inform friends and family of Protocol 008-EX, and to obey the outlined guidelines.

Description: SCP-008-EX is the virus COVID-19, or coronavirus. SCP-008-EX has spread across the world, and created a global pandemic. SCP-008-EX is not anomalous.

Protocol 008-EX: The following document outlines Protocol 008-EX, a Foundation-promoted operation designed to prevent the spread of SCP-008-EX, while at the same time helping to improve morale amongst quarantined individuals.

Protocol 008-EX

We are in frightening times right now, there's no doubt about it. COVID-19 has spread across the planet, placing fear into the hearts of humanity. However, there's still hope. We have been placed into quarantine, which is something of a new experience for everyone. Our job is to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and by staying calm and being smart, we can not only flatten the curve, but we can also continue with a happy and healthy lifestyle. With the help of the CDC and its guidelines, we have created Protocol 008-EX to help us achieve these goals.


As of currently, there is no vaccine for COVID-19, meaning that the best way to avoid contracting the disease is to avoid exposure. Below are some tips to help minimize your exposure to the virus, and to ensure that you are adequately prepared during quarantine.

  • Stay at home, under quarantine, to keep away from possibly infected people.
  • Practice social distancing (at least six feet apart).
  • Only leave home for necessities, such as food, medicine, or hygiene products.
  • Don't overstock, to ensure that everyone else has access to what they need too.

Remember! COVID-19 doesn't immediately show symptoms upon contraction. Just because someone doesn't look sick doesn't mean that they're not.

Staying Clean

Humans are constantly touching things, meaning that the virus is easily spread via human contact. Be sure to keep both yourself and your belongings clean to minimize the spread of the virus in this way.

  • Wash your hands often. Hands are the things we use to feel, grab, and move things, meaning they are the quickest method of spreading the virus.
  • Cover coughs and sneezes, to keep the virus out of the air.
  • Clean frequently touched surfaces often, so that the virus won't spread to others via that surface.
  • Wear a face mask or face cover if you have access to one.

Improving Morale

It's tough, being stuck in quarantine, and even though it's a necessity, limited access to friends or activities can be discouraging. But just because you're stuck in quarantine doesn't have to feel like a punishment. Make the most of your situation, to keep yourself occupied! And be sure to take precautions to keep yourself stress-free during these times.

  • Take care of your body by eating healthy and getting exercise.
  • Take a break from news and media, as constant reminders of the crisis can be upsetting and stressful.
  • Develop a hobby or skill indoors, such as an instrument or artistic expression.
  • Call, text, or communicate with others. Keeping an active social life is still healthy and helpful, as long as you're sure to minimize direct contact.

Helpful Resources

The vast majority of this protocol is taken from the CDC's statements on COVID-19, but is not meant to be an official guide or statement on the virus. It is simply designed to spread awareness through the SCP Foundation, to assist with combatting the disease. Again, please do not use this as an official resource, as it is primarily a tool of awareness. Below are some official resources regarding the disease, and should be treated as such. Please take the time to make yourself familiar with them.

Your Thoughts

We've made this into a collaborative file, so that Foundation personnel can discuss how they're dealing with the quarantine right now. Feel free to contribute!

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