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Item #: SCP-049

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-049 is to be contained in Site 19's Secure Items Locker guarded by no less than 1 guard at a time. In the locker, it is to be disguised on a clipboard with 4 other sheets of paper. It is to be taken out on a bi-weekly basis for testing. One Level 3 personnel are to be present for the removal, and testing, of SCP-049.

Description: SCP-049 is a sheet of paper which once read, will cause the user to throw themselves onto the ground, and begin seizing. After seizing for approximately 1 minute, the subject will promptly stand up and begin roaming around the area that it is in, speaking in a monotone voice. It will become hostile once it sees anyone that it deems "Infected." Any attempts to "attack" the "infected" personnel will usually result in mild discomfort for a brief period of time violent and harsh injuries, usually resulting in death via Hypovolemic shock.1

Addendum 049.1 (Interview Log):

| SCP-049 Interview Log:
| Interviewer: Doctor Marshall
| Interviewed: SCP-049
| Date: █/█/20█
049: What do you want?

Dr. Marshall: We simply want to know what you identify the "pestilence" as.

049: The pestilence?

Dr. Marshall: Yes. You were just muttering about it as you murdered that D-Class, weren't you?

049: What? No. He was holding my scientist action figure.

Dr. Marshall: W-what?

SCP-049 begins bashing its head against the desk, drawing blood. It then dies due to Hypovolemic shock.2

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