SCP-1444 Exploration Log (D-1820 and D-3749)

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: June 12th, 2013

Subject: SCP-1444 Initial Exploration Log

Mission Command: Dr. Jarvinen

Personnel: D-1820, D-3749


Dr. Jarvinen: This is the first exploration into SCP-1444, which will be conducted by two D-Class personnel numbered… one-eight-two-zero and … three-seven-four-nine. Please identify yourselves.

D-3749: Thirty-seven forty-nine.

D-1820: Thousand eight hundred twenty.

Dr. Jarvinen: Thank you. Please proceed into the ice cave in front of you.

D-1820: Yes, ma'am.

D-3749 and D-1820 enter SCP-1444 as instructed.

D-3749: So what are we supposed to do here? Just enter the cave and find a way out?

Dr. Jarvinen: This is an initial excursion. We're not looking for much at the moment, just -

The audio-visual feed from within SCP-1444 briefly cuts out, with only static being received at Outpost-1444 for one minute. After this minute, audiovisual is restored.


Initial view upon restoration of audiovisual feed.

D-1820: Dr. Jarvinen, are you there?

Dr. Jarvinen: Yes, I'm here. The feed just cut out, was there anything that would've caused that on your end?

D-3749: Just cave.

Dr. Jarvinen: Strange. Anyway, the purpose of this excursion is simply to locate any anomalous phenomena.

D-3749: In English, please?

D-1820: That was pretty fucking clear English!

Dr. Jarvinen: You're looking for anything weird.

D-1820: Noted.

D-3749: Why couldn't you have just said that? Why do you always insist with this clinical bullshit all the time?

Dr. Jarvinen: Please proceed further into the anomaly. Your sentences will not be commuted if you do not comply.

D-3749: Fine.

D-1820 and D-3749 continue within SCP-1444 for the next twenty minutes, before coming to a steep drop in the tunnel.

D-1820: Down, Ms. Jarvinen?

Dr. Jarvinen: Doctor. And yes, please descend into the cave.

D-1820 and D-3749 remove their climbing tools and begin to descend the drop in the tunnel.

D-3749: Do you hear that?

D-1820: Hear what?

D-3749: Like, a howl whisper. Listen.

Both D-Class stop all movement and cease making noise. A faint howl is picked up over their radios. It is mostly inaudible.

Dr. Jarvinen: Next assignment: try to figure out what that is.

D-3749: We're still climbing.

D-1820: I'm sure we'll handle it as soon as we get down, which shouldn't be long.

D-3749: Most of the way there…

D-1820 and D-3749 reach the bottom of the drop and shine their flashlights around. The two are standing in a large cavern, with three separate tunnels going in different directions. The howling is louder, and is apparently coming from two of the tunnels.

D-3749 points to the right tunnel, which the howling is not coming from.

D-3749: How about that one?

D-1820: No! It's coming from the other two, we need to go through those. You take left and I'll take middle.

D-3749: Fine, but we're not splitting up!

D-1820: We need to cover our ground, figure out where this is coming from.

Dr. Jarvinen: I don't recommend splitting up.

D-3749: Left?

D-1820: Sounds good to me. Do we have any weapons on us?

Dr. Jarvinen: You should have been given knives. They're not really meant for combat, but I've seen them used for that a lot.

D-1820: Sounds good to me. These seem like they'll work well.

D-1820 and D-3749 head down the left tunnel. The howling becomes more audible and distinct.

D-3749: What does that sound like to you? Does that sound like a, uh-?

D-1820: Person? Yeah, it sounds like that to me too. I don't think that's an animal.

Dr. Jarvinen: Many animals tend to sound like people in their cries. Foxes, for instance, sound like a woman screaming.

D-1820: I've heard about that, but this feels different to me. I'm sure there's someone down there.

D-3749: Or something. You've heard all those stories about monsters they have? What if it's something like that?

D-1820: Of course, I used to be stationed with a couple. Get your knife ready.

D-3749 and D-1820 continue to walk down the tunnel in silence, with their knives drawn. They reach the end of the tunnel after three minutes. At no point does the howling stop.

The tunnel terminates in a large cavern, where a humanoid entity (designated SCP-1444-1-Ψ) is crouched in the corner. It is evidently the source of the howling. The cameras being used by D-1820 and D-3749 are not able to capture the entity.

D-3749: Jesus, what the hell is that? Is it even human?

D-1820: One of the hikers, maybe? There aren't supposed to be monsters in this cave, right?

SCP-1444-1-Ψ rises to its feet. Both D-Class react in surprise, preventing their body cameras from capturing a clear image of the entity at any point - it is out of focus when completely in the frame. The few instances in which it can be clearly discerned indicate it is white in color, with distended arms and apparent blood stains.

SCP-1444-1-Ψ begins to howl louder.

Both D-Class begin to run away from SCP-1444-1-Ψ. During this time, video feed from D-3749 cuts out, with no apparent cause to this. D-1820 runs down a different tunnel than he originally used to enter the cavern where SCP-1444-1-Ψ was found.

Dr. Jarvinen: 1820, are you there?

D-1820: Yeah just, let me… catch my breath.

Dr. Jarvinen: Is 3749 with you?

D-1820: Uh… No. He's missing, I lost him when we were running from the monster back there. Do you not have a feed from him?

Dr. Jarvinen: We're only receiving from you at the moment.

D-1820: I guess I should find him, then.

Dr. Jarvinen: Before you do, can I ask you what you saw back there? The camera wasn't pointed at the entity for very long and we didn't get a good picture of it.

D-1820: Oh, uh, well, it was this big, furry thing? All white, like a yeti. But its hands and feet were red, stained with blood.

Dr. Jarvinen: I see. Thank you. Go try to find 3749 or an exit, if possible. Prioritize your safety, it's likely 3749 is dead.

D-1820 proceeds to walk through the tunnels of SCP-1444, not encountering any anomalous phenomena in the course. The howling is no longer audible. D-1820 eventually comes to a juncture.

D-1820 shines his flashlight down both tunnels, illuminating D-3749.

D-1820: Hey, I found you! Over here! That was pretty easy.

D-3749: Thank god. I … don't know what happened. I was with you, and then I wasn't? I don't remember anything of what happened.

D-1820: Shit, must be the cave. Come on, let's try to get out. Do you remember where the exit is?

D-3749: No, I … don't. But I hate this fucking cave. That sounds good to me.

Dr. Jarvinen: Finding an exit seems good at this point. We've gotten some good data so far, and we can end the exploration now.

D-3749: I'm glad you're happy.

D-1820 and D-3749 continue to walk through the cave, coming to a steep rise. They use their allotted equipment to climb the wall, taking several minutes to do so before continuing through the cave.

D-1820 and D-3749 walk around a corner, coming across an apparent exit and an unidentified individual (designated SCP-1444-1-Φ). The external location of this entrance is unknown.



D-3749: Woah!

SCP-1444-1-Φ: Hello.

D-1820: Who are you? Are you with the Foundation?

SCP-1444-1-Φ: I suppose you could say that I am a genius loci, the cave incarnate. For a layman, like the two of you, just think of me as the spirit of the cave itself.

D-1820: I know what a genius loci is.

D-3749: Go fuck yourself.

SCP-1444-1-Φ: And I thought I was the cold one. What's the reason for the hostility? I have been nothing but kind to you.

D-3749: If you're the fucking spirit of the cave, then you're behind all that bullshit we just had to deal with!

D-1820: Is that a way out?

SCP-1444-1-Φ: That is what you want, behind me. Freedom, just there.

D-3749: There is no way I am trusting the goddamn cave itself! This place is a nightmare!

D-1820: Gabe, come on… We're so close, it's right there. Just listen to it, please.

D-3749: I don't trust it.

Dr. Jarvinen: Comply with the entity. Attempt to exit SCP-1444.

SCP-1444-1-Φ: You can leave, you just have to do something for me. I'm just so very, very hungry. Do you have any food you could spare?

D-1820: Oh sure, we've got some in our packs.

D-1820 removes his supply pack and opens it, removing his food rations, which he then hands to SCP-1444-1-Φ. SCP-1444-1-Φ takes the food.

SCP-1444-1-Φ: Beautiful. Pass on, and become free.

D-1820: Thank you.

D-3749: Thanks, I guess.

D-1820 and D-3749 begin to walk towards the exit.

SCP-1444-1-Φ: Oh, but there is one thing I forgot to mention…

D-3749: Wait, what?

SCP-1444-1-Φ: [Unintelligible]

Video feed immediately ends, although audio remains active for an additional ten seconds. During this time, screaming identified as matching the voices of D-1820 and D-3749 can be heard.


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