SCP-1444 Exploration Log (PTF Thorn-Two)

Exploration Video Log Transcript

Date: June 19th, 2013

Exploration Team: Provisional Task Force Thorn-Two ("Temps")

Subject: SCP-1444

Mission Command: Dr. Jarvinen

Team Lead: þ-2 Cap Rose

Team Members: þ-2 Citrus, þ-2 Moloch, þ-2 Crown


þ-2 Cap Rose: Alright, before we go in I want to run introductions. First time and all. My codename is Rose, I'm in charge. I exclusively lead Provisional Task Forces, so I've never been on any Mobiles and you've never heard of anything I've done.

þ-2 Citrus: Hello, I'm Ann- no, Citrus. I've worked in the Finnish military, but this is my first Foundation deployment

þ-2 Moloch: Moloch. Formerly on Nu-7, but I've been reassigned here for the mission.

þ-2 Cap Rose: Why?

þ-2 Moloch: Pending.

þ-2 Crown: They gave me the codename Crown. I was once on a Coalition Strike Team, but defected to the Foundation. Better ideology.

þ-2 Cap Rose: A greenie, a probie and a traitor. Just as good as any Provisional, I suppose.

Dr. Jarvinen: Rose, are you ready?

þ-2 Cap Rose: As I'll ever be, doctor. Let's go, team.


Person A: Dialogue

on the transcript, rose, citrus and crown die. moloch is still alive

þ-2 Moloch's communications reactivate.

þ-2 Moloch: Hey, Kaisa. Kaisa! You there?

Dr. Jarvinen: Moloch, are you still alive?

þ-2 Moloch: Hardly. I'm holed up in a containment chamber of some sort in the cave, made out of ice. Bleeding out.

Dr. Jarvinen: How long do you think you can last?

þ-2 Moloch: Not much longer, but I think I can hold on for a little bit. My comms are dying, not much life on them. Those'll fail soon.

Dr. Jarvinen: I'll see what I can do regarding extraction. I should be able to get another Task Force.

þ-2 Moloch: As long as you try.


Notes: still getting one life signal from inside the cave, so the person is still alive

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