SCP-1444 Rescue Log (MTF Zeta-Nine)

Preface: Following the apparent loss of three members of Provisional Task Force, it was decided that a more experienced and coordinated Mobile Task Force would be deployed into SCP-1444. MTF Zeta-Nine "Mole Rats" was selected for this purpose.

One team of Zeta-Nine, comprising of five agents, was sent into SCP-1444, while the rest of Zeta-Nine was stationed outside of SCP-1444, to be deployed into SCP-1444 if needed, in addition to providing assistance for mission control.

Rescue Video Log Transcript

Date: June 20th, 2013

Exploration Team: MTF Zeta-Nine ("Mole Rats")

Subject: SCP-1444 Rescue Attempt

Mission Command: Z-9 Captain Hollis, Dr. Jarvinen, Z-9 Auxilary Teams

Team Lead: Z-9 Lead Towers

Team Members: Z-9 Raphael, Z-9 Monroe, Z-9 Zhou, Z-9 Rosales


Z-9 Cap Hollis: This is Zeta-Nine Captain … Hollis. Let's get a roll call started.

Z-9 Lead Towers: Sergeant Graham Towers. I'll be leading the mission today.

Z-9 Raphael: Raphael.

Z-9 Monroe: Sergeant Monroe, munitions expert.

Z-9 Zhou: Lieutenant Francis Zhou.

Z-9 Rosales: Corporal Medea Rosales.

Dr. Jarvinen: Rosales? That's name sounds familiar. Any Foundation family?

Z-9 Rosales: My dad was head of the Archaeological Division for a couple decades, my uncle is on Jaeger Bombers, and my older brother's on Zeta-Two. Hector, Percy and Achilles.

Dr. Jarvinen: I imagine that Percy is short for Perseus.

Z-9 Rosales: Sure is.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: Enough chit-chat. We have business to attend to. A member of Provisional Task Force Thorn-Two is trapped within SCP-1444. You are his Rescue Team.

Z-9 Zhou: Can't trust Provisionals with anything, can you? Nowhere near as good as us Rats.

Dr. Jarvinen: The Thorn-Two served honorably under the circumstances they were facing.

Z-9 Zhou: If you say so.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: This needs to be a simple extraction mission. You go in, get our guy and come out. If you see anything interesting, you can tag it and we might consider another Exploration.

Z-9 Lead Towers: Understood. Team, let's go.

The detachment of MTF Zeta-9 enters SCP-1444, while the other teams remain on the surface at Outpost-1444.

There is a thirty-second communications failure between MTF Zeta-9 and Command. No signals are recorded coming from the inside of SCP-1444 during this time.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: What's going on?

Dr. Jarvinen: Communications failure. It's happened both previous times guys have gone in, it has to be related to SCP-1444. Current hypothesis is that they've reached the threshold of the actual anomaly.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: But the comms come back?

Dr. Jarvinen: About thirty seconds later. We gave the Thorn-Two and your boys better than the Ds, didn't do anything.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: Don't trust it.

Dr. Jarvinen: Neither do I.

Thirty seconds after the beginning of the failure, signals return. Communications restored between MTF Zeta-9 and Command.

Z-9 Towers: Come in, Command. This is Zeta-9.

Dr. Jarvinen: We're picking you up, Zeta-9. It seems you have reached the anomalous portion of SCP-1444 itself.

Z-9 Monroe: So this is where the fun begins?

(the fake MTF slowly gets picked off one by one — one might/should suspect something is up, since Zhou dies in 3667, Towers has a collapsible underneath him, etc. only Rosales is left by the end)

A large explosion is heard from the perspective of those within and around Outpost-1444. Smoke is observed rising from the glacier by several members of MTF Zeta-Nine outside of Outpost-1444.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: What was that?

Z-9 Rosales: What was what?

Z-9 Burrows: Captain! You can see smoke from an explosion rising on the northern side of the ice slope!

Z-9 Cap Hollis: Jarvinen, I'm going to take a team to investigate that. Rosales, stay where you are while we figure this out.

Dr. Jarvinen: Copy.

Command begins receiving a new set of communication signals.

Z-9 Rosales: Command, come in! We have escaped from 1444 and are headed to camp right now. Come in! Copy?

Z-9 Cap Hollis: Rosales, what? What is your position?

Z-9 Rosales: I'm in the cave, what's happening on the surface?

Z-9 Rosales: Who the fuck is that?

Z-9 Lead Towers: We're on the side of the glacier with Thorn-Two Crown. We've just tunnelled our way out of 1444, no casualties.

Dr. Jarvinen: Crown? What? No, it was Moloch you were supposed to rescue, not Crown! Crown died.

þ-2 Crown: But here I am, doctor. And Moloch's lying in the ice with his head cracked open.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: Stay where you are. We're coming to your position.

Z-9 Cap Hollis organizes the Zeta-Nine Secondary Team to rendezvous with the individuals claiming to be the Zeta-Nine Primary Team and exits Outpost-1444 with the team. They quickly find the supposed members of the Zeta-Nine Primary Team, who are physically supporting an injured but living þ-2 Crown.

Z-9 Lead Towers: Captain Hollis, good to see you!

The Zeta-Nine Secondary Team raises their weapons against the Zeta-Nine Primary Team and þ-2 Crown and assume a tactical position, surrounding the Zeta-Nine Primary Team.

Z-9 Burrows: Don't move!

þ-2 Crown: More turncoats like me? I should know my luck by now.

Ζ-9 Lead Towers: What's the meaning of this, Captain?

Z-9 Zhou: They think we're anomalous. There's another Rosales on the radio, after all. One of us has to be.

Z-9 Raphael: Can't have two of the same.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: Turn off your radios, right now. Everyone here, even Secondary Team.

The radios of Captain Hollis, all members of the Zeta-Nine Secondary Team, and the individuals purporting to be the Zeta-Nine Primary Team and þ-2 Crown are turned off.

Z-9 Rosales: What's happening on the surface, Kaisa?

Dr. Jarvinen: We- No. Protocol dictates I don't answer that. Apologies.

Z-9 Rosales: What protocol? Kaisa, what do you mean? What's going on up there?

Dr. Jarvinen does not respond.

Z-9 Cap Hollis's radio turns back on approximately one minute later.

Z-9 Cap Hollis: Dr. Jarvinen, I have verified the identity of the members of Zeta-Nine that has escaped from SCP-1444. Please administer the Five-Word Test to the Rosales in SCP-1444.

Dr. Jarvinen: Copy that. Corporal Rosales, I have one question for you: Does the Black Moon Howl?

All Foundation personnel on the radio channel respond to this question with an appropriate answer, verifying their identities and lack of deleterious mind-affecting phenomena.

At this time, audiovisual communications from within SCP-1444 abruptly ceased, replaced with a single frame and an audio feed of a voice of an unidentified age, gender and species.

Unknown: The Black Moon screams the wail of a banshee, drowning out the light of the world. Listen not to its siren call, for it is nothing more than a flytrap hanging tantalizing food out, luring prey within. The howling of the moon will never end, for it will never stop being hungry.

All broadcasting from within SCP-1444 ends.

Z-9 Lead Towers: What's going on?


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