Item #: SCP-194

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-194 is contained in a standard anomalous object locker.

Description: SCP-194 is an artist’s easel, with four paintbrushes in a small cup attached to its side.

Addendum 194.A (Object Class): Euclid

Addendum 194.B (Special Containment Procedures): As there is no known way of stabilizing the SCP-194 designation, the current method of containment focuses on ensuring that reality restructuring effects caused by SCP-194-Z have minimal effect upon anything other than objects designated SCP-194.

Due to the effects of SCP-194-Z upon the SCP-194 designation, the acting documentation of SCP-194-Z is presented in the form of various addenda to the acting SCP-194 designation. Any secondary classifications are to be assigned in reverse alphabetical order (i.e. SCP-194-Z), and all addenda are to be designated alphabetically, rather than numerically (i.e. Addendum 194.A). This is to prevent conflict with documentation applied to the SCP-194 designation.

Addendum 194.C (Description): SCP-194-Z refers to a phenomenon surrounding the SCP-194 designation. Various objects are assigned to the SCP-194 designation at various times, causing the SCP-194 file to be altered based on the affected object. Only one object can be assigned to the SCP-194 slot at any time, causing minor retroactive alterations to support the containment of each object in Foundation custody.

Notably, most affected objects assigned to the SCP-194 designation are non-anomalous in nature. The containment procedures for these objects are mundane as well, and simply place them in standard containment cells.

Addendum 194.D: Shortly after the discovery of SCP-194-Z, the following digital document was uploaded to the SCP-194 file:

SCP-194: Pat’s Page

Dear Laura,

I still like you and I want something to happen between us. I know you think I don’t care, and that I don’t think about people, but I really, really do. And I care about you most of all. To prove it, I made this for you: a collage of all the amazing things about you, to show what a unique and amazing person you are!

Rowboat: You love the ocean! And sailing is something you’re so good at; I’ve never seen someone as talented as you on the water. You were the most talented person on that trip we all went on!

Easel and Paintbrushes: I remember sitting next to you in our art class last year, and what Mr. Xejai said: “The most difficult part of art is the conversion from four dimensions to three.” By the time he’d finished his sentence, you’d already completed that challenge!

Greigenball: I don’t even need to explain this one. Just know that I was cheering you on for every one of your games!

Math: You were top of the class in math, by like a million miles! You aced every test and assignment, and I’m totally certain you were Ms. Kladigra’s favorite student. I put a bunch of equations here, as well as named the whole collage after our room number: 194! (The SCP stands for “Still Care, Pat,” by the way.)

Computers: Lots of guys are all talking about how “girls can’t be gamers” and stuff, but it’s obvious they’re just jealous of your talent. So not only did I make this collage, but I also managed to convert it into a 3-D file, so you can take it wherever you go!

I know things didn’t go so well last time, so I hope this makes up for it. I just want to show you that I care about you and what you’re into.

- Garth

P.S. I’m sorry for how weird everything looks; I don’t know much about how this program works, but it’s apparently the best at sorting objects and stuff.

Personnel are currently investigating the sender, “Garth”.

Addendum 194.E: Two days after the previous incident, the SCP-194 document underwent a period of accelerated flux, before returning to normal stabilization. The following text was found in a digital document inserted into the SCP-194 file, as well as on various objects affected by SCP-194-Z:

It’s never going to happen, Garth. Take your crap and just leave me alone. Please.

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