SCP-3438 Rewrite
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Item#: 3438
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Special Containment Procedures: Centerpoint Park is to be closed under the guise of landscaping inspection on the nights of July 17th, 19th, 20th, 25th, and 26th every year. Through the duration of the listed nights dispatched foundation agents are to be disguised as Tennessee-State Park Rangers. The dispatched agents are to patrol the exterior of Centerpoint Park in order to dissuade unauthorized persons from entering the park.

In the event that an unauthorized person enters Centerpoint Park during the designated closure times and/or comes into contact with either/or SCP-3438-A and SCP-3438-B, they are to be apprehended and administered Class-A amnestics and released at the 80-For gas station.

Description: SCP-3438 is an annual self contained1 temporal loop affecting Centerpoint Park in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. SCP-3438 begins at 7:15 local time on July 17th, and ends at 2:41 am local time on July 26. SCP-3438 events have been documented since 1964. The exact time of it's first manifestation is unknown, although Foundation scientists hypothesize the first event to have taken place between 1954 to 1961.

It is important to note that for Nashville, Tennessee, Centerpoint park is an unofficial location for "lost lovers" to reunite. The park is visited by over 2,000 individuals per day.

SCP-3438 events involve two entities (designated SCP-3438-A and SCP-3438-B respectively), a human man and woman dressed in clothing reminiscent of late 1950's fashion. During SCP-3438 events, SCP-3438-A and SCP-2438-B will manifest in the park, and will proceed to meander throughout Centerpoint Park and converse with each other.


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