SCP-359 Rewrite
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Item #: SCP-359

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-359 is to be stored in a secure containment locker within low value non-anomalous item storage at Site-64.

Description: SCP-359 is a metal sculpture of a Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) perched upon a 6.1-meter tall American flag pole. Between the hours of 5:30 a.m. to 11:59 pm SCP-359 displayed no anomalous activities.

Between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., SCP-359 would leave the pole and begin flying, often impacting the walls of the cell. At 5:29 a.m., SCP-359 would fly back to its perch at the top of its pole.

Discovery: Retired professional animal handler ███████ McCan reported to local animal control that several animal carcasses had been left on her doorstep every night for the previous two weeks. It is notable that all of the animals left are classified as prey species of a bald eagle.

An individual who claimed to have been out on an early morning jog spotted SCP-359 dropping off a piece of prey at Ms. McCan's doorstep, immediately demanifesting. The individual and police officers who were informed were administered amnestics. Investigation revealed that the SCP-359 hunting cycle coincided with the absence of the eagle pole-topper at Apple Grove Middle School in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Following containment of SCP-359, the flagpole outside of the school was replaced with an identical non-anomalous replica.

Addendum 1: Keeper's Log

The following log depicts SCP-359's routine behavior over the span of a week.

Duration: Sunday 02/12/2001 — Saturday 08/12/2001


Time: 1:30 am CST

SCP-359 flew to the floor of its cell. It walked around for approximately twenty minutes. SCP-359 vocalized for two minutes, and returned to its perch via flight.


Time: 2:24 am CST

SCP-359 flew to the floor of its cell. It picked up what remained of a mouse carcass with its beak. It proceeded to toss it in the air and catch the carcass with its beak, and proceeded to consume it. When finished, SCP-359 returned to the top of its pole via flight.


Time: 3:01 am CST

SCP-359 flew to the floor of its cell. It huddled itself in the corner of the cell, and remained that way for the next twenty minutes. SCP-359 then returned to its perch via flight.


Time: 4:00 am

SCP-359 flew to the floor of its cell. It proceeded to fly around its cell for the next thirty minutes. SCP-359 then returned to its perch via flight.

(Thursday and Friday have not been eventful to this date.)


Time: 1:24 am CST

SCP-359 did not leave it's perch until 4:30 am CST. It began to vocalize for the following 29 minutes. SCP-359 then returned to its perch via flight.

Addendum 2: Interview Log

Interviewed: Ms. McCan

Interviewer: Dr. Nava

Date: 01/24/2002

Foreword: Dr. Nava posed as a writer hoping to write an article about the behavior of birds of prey for an internet published magazine and asked Ms. McCan questions regarding her past as a professional animal handler. This was done after a theory of Ms. McCan's career past possibly being related to SCP-359's anomalous activity with Ms. McCan.

The following is an excerpt from the interview session.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Nava: Could you tell me about some birds of prey that you used to work with, swell as your favorite part of the job?

Ms. McCan: [nods] Well there was Dolly, a falcon. Although, she preferred my coworker, John. But, I still liked her. She always had this "I'm a bad bitch" attitude. [chuckles] Then there was this Hawk, Nelly. Always did really great when we brought her to schools, she had great behavior.

[Ms. McCan smiles softly and sighs.]

Ms. McCan: Then there was Guantanamo. He was a bald eagle. He always liked me the best, he just didn't listen to John the way he listened to me. There was always something different about Guantanamo. I felt like we understood each other. [shrugs] I dunno, it's stupid.

Dr. Nava: No, it isn't. Tell me more about Guantanamo; where is he now?

Ms. McCan look to the ground with a sigh.

Ms. McCan: Dead. He died young. It's a shame, really. We didn't have the ideal last meetings for how close I considered us. They didn't even tell me; I had to find out for myself.

Dr. Nava: I'm very sorry for your loss. Could you expand about your last meetings with him?

Ms. McCan: We were doing a lecture at Apple Grove Middle School. Guantanamo… uh… misunderstood my command one day during a lecture in a classroom. He thought I was signaling to fly right, but I was signaling to fly left. As he flew by, he brushed past the nearby cabinet, which I wasn't informed was a little wobbly. A box of copy paper, some boxes of pencils, and a stapler fell. I panicked, and as I tried to run, tripped over the stapler, and the paper box knocked me over completely. It permanently damaged my hip, I had to get a metal replacement. Sounds stupid, I know. But… yeah.

Dr. Nava: Is this was what caused you to retire?

Ms. McCan: Well, yeah. I sort of had to retire. It was deemed dangerous for me to work in the field with my injured hip, and all. Guantanamo was retired as well, which saddens me. I visited him a few times after we both retired, but— call me crazy, it's a childish thought; he almost seemed apologetic for what happened during the lecture.

Dr. Nava: How so?

Ms. McCan: He just acted— off. Different. I can't find the right words. [sighs] It's truly a shame he passed away. I wish I coulda saw him again— being himself. [pause] It's silly, but I just want to tell his little bird soul up in heaven that I forgive him— not that he did anything wrong. Just… lust let him know it's okay. [laughs] He may have been a bird, but he had one hell of a personality.

Dr. Nava: [laughs] Sometimes animals reveal the human sides of themselves that… we didn't know were there. I truly am sorry for your loss.

Ms. McCan: Thank you, sir. [pauses] Life… happens. Sometimes, when we wish it hadn't.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-359 ceased anomalous behavior. After a month without activity, it was reclassified as neutralized.

Image Credit: Veiedhimaedhr

maybe change the answer to the retired question to something like "Of course I had to retire, I couldn't work in the field with my injured hip. Guantanamo retired as well, but in my interactions with him afterwards, he acted less energetic, and although its a childish thought, he almost seemed apologetic for what happened during the lecture. It's silly, I know, but sometimes I imagine his little bird soul up in the heavens and wish I could forgive him, even though he never did anything wrong.

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