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Item #: SCP-359

Object Class: Neutralized (formerly Euclid)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-359 is to be contained within a secure containment locker within Site-64.

Description: SCP-359 is a metal sculpture of a Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) perched upon a 6.1-meter tall American flag pole. Between the hours of 5:30 a.m. to 11:59 pm SCP-359 displayed no anomalous activities.

Between the hours of 12:00 a.m. and 5:00 a.m., SCP-359 would leave the pole and begin flying, often impacting the walls of the cell. At 5:29 a.m., SCP-359 would fly back to its perch at the top of its pole.

Discovery: Retired professional animal handler ███████ McCan had recently found several animal carcasses on her property, all of which were prey species of a bald eagle at her doorstep.

An individual who claimed to have been out on an early morning jog spotted SCP-359 dropping off a piece of prey at Ms. McCan's doorstep, immediately demanifesting. The individual and police officers who were informed were administered amnestics. Investigation revealed that the SCP-359 hunting cycle coincided with the absence of the eagle pole-topper at Apple Grove Middle School in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. Following containment of SCP-359, the flagpole outside of the school was replaced with an identical non-anomalous replica.

Addendum 1: Keeper's Log

The following log depicts SCP-359's routine behavior over the span of a week.

Duration: Sunday 02/12/2001 — Saturday 08/12/2001


Time: 1:30 am CST

SCP-359 flew to the floor of its cell. It walked around for approximately twenty minutes. SCP-359 vocalized for two minutes, and returned to its perch via flight.


Time: 2:24 am CST

SCP-359 flew to the floor of its cell. It picked up what remained of a mouse carcass with its beak. It proceeded to toss it in the air and catch the carcass with its beak, and proceeded to consume it. When finished, SCP-359 returned to the top of its pole via flight.


Time: 3:01 am CST

SCP-359 flew to the floor of its cell. It huddled itself in the corner of the cell, and remained that way for the next twenty minutes. SCP-359 then returned to its perch via flight.


Time: 4:00 am

SCP-359 flew to the floor of its cell. It proceeded to fly around its cell for the next thirty minutes. SCP-359 then returned to its perch via flight.

(Thursday and Friday have not been eventful to this date.)


Time: 1:24 am CST

SCP-359 did not leave it's perch until 4:30 am CST. It began to vocalize for the following 29 minutes. SCP-359 then returned to its perch via flight.

Addendum 2: Interview Log

Interviewed: Ms. McCan

Interviewer: Dr. Nava

Date: 01/24/2002

Foreword: Dr. Nava posed as a writer hoping to write an article about the behavior of birds of prey for an internet published magazine and asked Ms. McCan questions regarding her past as a professional animal handler. This was done after a theory of Ms. McCan's career past possibly being related to SCP-359's anomalous activity with Ms. McCan.

The following is an excerpt from the interview session.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Nava: Could you tell me about some birds of prey that you used to work with, and your favorite part of the job?

Ms. McCan: [nods] Sure. I worked with a falcon named Dolly, she preferred my coworker, John. But, I still liked her. She always had this "I'm a bad bitch" attitude. [chuckles] Then there was this Hawk, Nelly. Always did really great when we brought her to schools, she had great behavior.

Ms. McCan smiles softly and sighs.

Ms. McCan: Then there was Guantanamo. He was a bald eagle. He always liked me the best, he just didn't listen to John the way he listened to me. There was always something different about Guantanamo. I felt like we understood each other. [shrugs] I dunno, it's stupid.

Dr. Nava: No, it isn't. Tell me more about Guantanamo; where is he now?

Ms. McCan look to the ground with a sigh.

Ms. McCan: Dead. He died young. It's a shame, really. We didn't have the ideal last meetings for how close I considered us. They didn't even tell me; I had to find out for myself.

Dr. Nava: I'm very sorry for your loss. Could you expand about your last meetings with him?

Ms. McCan: We were doing a lecture at Apple Grove Middle School. Guantanamo… uh… misunderstood my command one day during a lecture in a classroom. He thought I was signaling to fly right, but I was signaling to fly left. As he flew by, he brushed past the nearby cabinet, which I wasn't informed was a little wobbly. A box of copy paper, some boxes of pencils, and a stapler fell. I panicked, and as I tried to run, tripped over the stapler, and the paper box knocked me over completely. It permanently damaged my hip, I had to get a metal replacement. Sounds stupid, I know. But… yeah.

Dr. Nava: Is this was what caused you to retire?

Ms. McCan: Well, yeah. I sort of had to retire. It was deemed dangerous for me to work in the field with my injured hip, and all. Guantanamo was retired as well, which saddens me. I visited him a few times after we both retired, but— call me crazy, it's a childish thought; he almost seemed apologetic for what happened during the lecture.

Dr. Nava: How so?

Ms. McCan: He just acted— off. Different. It's just… hard to put in words. [sighs] It really is a shame he passed away. I wish I coulda saw him again— being himself. It's silly, but sometimes I wish I could let his little bird soul up in heaven know that I forgive him— not that he did anything wrong. You know, just let him know it's okay. [laughs] He may have been a bird, but he had one hell of a personality.

Dr. Nava: [laughs] Sometimes animals do act more human than we thought was possible. Again, I'm sorry for your loss.

Ms. McCan: Thanks. Things happen, but I wish with all my heart to undo that day.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: SCP-359 ceased anomalous behavior. After a month, it was reclassified as neutralized.

Image Credit: Veiedhimaedhr

maybe change the answer to the retired question to something like "Of course I had to retire, I couldn't work in the field with my injured hip. Guantanamo retired as well, but in my interactions with him afterwards, he acted less energetic, and although its a childish thought, he almost seemed apologetic for what happened during the lecture. It's silly, I know, but sometimes I imagine his little bird soul up in the heavens and wish I could forgive him, even though he never did anything wrong.

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