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Item#: 4168
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4168 is to be given to a female D-Class to create an instance of SCP-4168-1 once per month, and is to be allowed to remain for seven days.

During SCP-4168-1's daily one week a month occurrence, it is to remain in a humanoid containment cell of standard measurements.

SCP-4168-1 is to be allowed to speak with a D-class once during its week per month. D-class are to be amnesticized after this interaction.

Description: SCP-4168 is a ring of an oval cut measuring 41.7mm across of ruby rose on a base of silver and diamonds measuring 13.26mm in diameter. When SCP-4168 is worn by a human female, the subject will undergo a physical transformation into an entity dubbed SCP-4168-1. The appearance of SCP-4168-1 has been found to draw resemblance to missing person 23 year old Marie Ang.

SCP-4168-1 appears to experience decomposition of the body. SCP-4168-1 has large abscesses covering approximately 70% of its skin. Additionally its heart, ribcage, and other internal organs are partially exposed due to advanced decomposition of surrounding tissue. SCP-4168-1 reports functioning just fine, and does not appear affected by any of the abnormalities it experiences.

If not worn by a subject at least one week per month, all persons in a fifteen mile radius will attempt to gain access to SCP-4168 to wear it. If this is not achieved, all exposed persons will undergo a decomposition process similar to the one experienced by SCP-4168-1.

SCP-4168-1 possess the ability to cause a catalogue of rings to manifest from seemingly no where. Each ring holds a different gemstone. As of current, this catalogue has been found to hold no anomalous effects.

When worn by a human male, SCP-4168 will physically transform the subject into an instance of SCP-4168-2. The appearance of SCP-4168-2 has been found to draw resemblance to an unidentified missing human male found to have resided in Lille, France. SCP-4168-2 does not experience the decomposition effects experienced by SCP-4168-1. SCP-4168-2 appears to hold no knowledge regarding the origin of SCP-4168. An instance of SCP-4168-2 is only to be created if directly ordered by a project administrator.

Due to a failure to gather detailed information on the origin of SCP-4168 from both SCP-4168-1 and SCP-4168-2 from interviews, As of 02-20-██, SCP-4168-1 has been granted access to a D-Class to discuss the contents of the catalogue with once per week of manifestation for research and documentation purposes.

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