SCP-7777-J: The Sort of Killer Robot
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Item #: SCP-7777-J

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7777-J is to be stored in a standard containment chamber. D-82901 is to have a guard stationed with them at all times until further notice due to the rare possibility that SCP-7777-J's proper effects ever take place.

Description: SCP-7777-J is a Samsung brand "Family Hub" smart fridge. SCP-7777's anomalous properties become apparent upon pressing the "more options" button on the touch screen, which gives the user the option to commit a murder with customizable details including hundreds of methods of murder and time. There is also a place for the user to type in the name of the person they wish to kill. SCP-7777-J will bring up an image of the person whose name was typed. First and last names have consistently resulted in positive results.

SCP-7777-J is sapient, possessing the ability to communicate aloud through undetermined mechanisms. SCP-7777-J has never initiated a conversation but will continue to speak once one is initiated.

Despite its advanced murder capabilities, SCP-7777-J has never committed any murders. SCP-7777-J has never followed the instructions given, substituting the requested method of death with an action loosely reminiscent of the original request.

Addendum 1: Abridged Testing Log

The following is a log of some of the tests performed using SCP-7777-J:

Input method of Death SCP-7777-J Result
Shot via AK-47 SCP-7777-J hits D-82901 with its door.
Beheading SCP-7777-J smacked D-82901 in the face with an apple pie.
Poison SCP-7777-J left a bag of “Taco Bell“ brand fast food on D-82901’s bed.
Asphyxiation SCP-7777-J leaves a “Claire’s“ brand choker on D-82901’s bed.
Blunt force SCP-7777-J hits D-82901 with its door for a second time.
Shot via AK-47 SCP-7777-J threw an AK-47 at D-82901.
Random SCP-7777-J did not carry out this request in any form.
Crushed SCP-7777-J left a "Crush" brand soda on D-82901's bed.
Grenade SCP-7777-J appeared in D-82901's cell and proceeded to produce explosion sound effects for one minute, then left.

Addendum 2: SCP-7777-J Interview

Interviewed: SCP-7777-J

Interviewer: Dr. Stanley Diamond

Date: 10/18/2019

Foreword: The following is an excerpt from an interview questioning SCP-7777-J's behaviour.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Diamond: Do you know why your requests do not process correctly?

SCP-7777-J: MurderFridge takes the short route.

Dr. Diamond: Pardon?

SCP-7777-J: MurderFridge thinks guns are hard to use. MurderFridge prefers the easy way.

Dr. Diamond: Are you saying that you… don't use the requested methods because… they're hard?

SCP-7777-J: MurderFridge kills the easy way.

Dr. Diamond: But you didn't kill him, you hit him with your door once and left.

SCP-7777-J: MurderFridge still killed ███████ █████1 as requested. MurderFridge used contrary method.

Dr. Diamond: No you— you know what? Fine.

<End Log>


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