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Item #: SCP-A260

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-A260 is to live in a modified canine containment chamber in site 17. SCP-A260 is to be fed twice a day; for meal ideas, reference its feeding chart. SCP-A260 is allowed to watch television for two hours a day, and is to be provided with books, paper, and markers.

Description: SCP-A260 is a full grown male bipedal organism with a foreign anatomical structure. SCP-A260's body consists of a neck, a head, a torso, and four legs (two lower body and two upper body). SCP-A260's upper leg's have paws which are capable of holding objects.

SCP-A260 is capable of speech, and is fluent in English, German, and Barkish. SCP-A260's diet consists of fruits and vegetables with the occasional insect supplement, and water.

SCP-A260 is allowed free roam of site 17 as it has demonstrated full cooperation since the day of its discovery.


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