SCP+ Series 1
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Greetings, and welcome to the SCP+ Series 1 list. This is a special undertaking: a series of articles wherein each and every author is allowed but a single slot to their name.

Reimagine a classic article! Submit your ambitious magnum opus! Write in a wildly different perspective of an antiuniverse - the choice is yours! You only get one slot though, so put your best foot forward.

This is intended to be a prestige list, an All-Stars lineup of both veterans and fresher authors, from past and future. With only one permitted submission, you've got to bring your A game. Use your slot to rep yourself to the best of your ability, and take on the challenge.

But most importantly, have fun!


Golden Rule: One slot per author at any given time - no exceptions. If a submission fails and is removed, another attempt is permitted, but no one should ever occupy two slots. If you collaborate with another, that will count as both your slots, so choose wisely.

Posting and content: Entries should be titled: "SCP+[insert number]". Your page url should read "scp-plus-XXX-authorname" where "XXX" is replaced by your slot number and "authorname" is replaced by, well, your wikidot profile name.

There is no real content restrictions for submissions, other than requiring your SCP, and other SCP+s, to be consistently referred to with a plus sign instead of a hyphen (eg: "SCP+011 and SCP+656 breached containment and fought SCP+999 to the death."). Regular SCPs should be referred to normally.

So as to not drown out another's submission, there should be communication regarding post-times. Ideally I'd like to give at least two days between submissions, if indeed multiple are ready around the same time.

Finally, these articles should be tagged as 'tale', as to not be placed outside the standard range for posting.

Articles which do not adhere to the naming/url conventions, or are multiple submissions from the same author, may be removed at the discretion of the page curator (currently, ShaggydredlocksShaggydredlocks).


List of SCPs

001 to 099

100 to 199

200 to 299

300 to 399

400 to 499

500 to 599

600 to 699

700 to 799

800 to 899

900 to 999

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