(SCP) Stone Fortress, Sacred Fortress
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A digital reproduction of SCP-4XXX-B-1.

Item #: SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Hiemal

Sub-Class: Resurgens1

Special Containment Procedures: The geographic center of Bir Tawil has been permanentely restricted from the public, with a 2 mile exclusion zone around it. A fence has been situated around this border.

All SCP-4XXX-B instances are to stay situated around SCP-4XXX-A at all times in order to assure that it does not manifest fully within consensus reality.

Description: SCP-4XXX-A is an area measuring 34 meters in radius, located on the geographical center of Bir Tawil2. SCP-4XXX-A, when properly contained, is otherwise nonanomalous.

SCP-4XXX-B refers to a collection of 88 banners, each measuring 48.3 centimeters by 66 centimeters. Each instance is made of a tightly woven fabric, of which is composed of an unknown substance resembling hair. Each SCP-4XXX-B instance has had a unique pattern dyed onto it. Each specimen was found in a circular formation around SCP-4XXX-A. And while each instance by themselves is nonanomalous, if the formation is broken, several structures will appear within the confines of SCP-4XXX-A.

Each building will manifest over a period of 1 hour before fully realized. Each structure is comprised of clay, assorted stones, iron, and a material similar to that found in each SCP-4XXX-B instance. Each building is empty, and appear to arch towards the centerpoint of SCP-4XXX-A. Due to the bizarre positions of some of the structure's foundations, it is believed that they were initially constructed on different terrain.

It is of note that ≈5000 spears, round shields composed of wood and iron, swords, and other primitive weapons have been found scattered across SCP-4XXX-A, most of which appear to have been burnt. These weapons have been inscribed by several thaumaturgic symbols of which have been worn beyond proper functionality. Other objects have been found, of which are detailed in Addendum 4XXX.2.

Addendum 4XXX.1: Discovery

The Foundation was alerted of SCP-4XXX's existence after multiple refugees residing in Bir Tawil reportedly observed debris falling from the sky on 6/20/2018. After an undercover mole alerted the Foundation, the refugees were removed from Bir Tawil and the area of manifestation was investgated. There, the array of SCP-4XXX-B instances were discovered, one of which (now SCP-4XXX-B-1) had been pushed over via unknown means (presumably by one of the refugees or by natural causes).

Not knowing the ramifications, the team of field agents began to remove each instance. After SCP-4XXX-B-2 was removed from its position, 7 buildings began to appear within SCP-4XXX-A. Seeing this, SCP-4XXX-A-1 and -2 were both placed back into their original stances, whereas the structures and debris dissappeared.

After returning to Site-485, Agent Garvey reported having seen several flames "falling above the area, like meteors, before dying out". No such anomalies have been observed in future interactions.

Addendum 4XXX.2: Recovered Artifacts

After SCP-4XXX's discovery, a research team was deployed with the objective ot studying the structures within SCP-4XXX. ATF Persepolis-251 ("The Harp's Strings") guarded what would eventually become SCP-4XXX's outer containment zone while 10 of the SCP-4XXX-B instances were removed from the ground.

Doing this, 37 structures and ≈350 artifacts manifested. Among all objects recovered, the most notable have been listed below:

Archaeological Division Records

Item #: SCP-4XXX-A-13

Description: A spear, 7 meters long and 44 centimeters thick. The spear's tip is long and curved, measuring 78 centimeters in length. TS-8453-V3 ("Azazel's Rage") has been inscribed on both sides of the blade, meaning that is the spear is thrown, both thaumaturgic symbols will activate. If TS-8453-V3 is carved onto an object and thrown, thermonuclear fire will begin to spew from the center of the sigil, with the teperatures rivalling that of the sun. The object TS-8453-V3 is inscribed on will not be affected by the temperature or fire. TS-8453-V3 will also cause the object to gradually increase in velocity until it collides with another object. It has also been found that the word "מְפַקֵד", meaning Commander or Leader in Hebrew, has been etched into the base of the spear's shaft.

Item #: SCP-4XXX-A-23

Description: The crashed remains of a large chariot, measuring ≈23 meters in width. SCP-4XXX-A-23 did not possess wheels, and instead had two limb-like mechanisms on either side of the vehicle. Several frills jetted from the back of these components, each being made of the same material as each SCP-4XXX-B instance.

Item #: SCP-4XXX-A-49

Description: SCP-4XXX-A-49 is what appears to be a vaguely humanoid stone or statue, measuring 9 meters in height. The object has no base, and therefore cannot maintain balance. The figure depicted appears to be facing upwards and blocking its face and chest. A spear, similar in proportions to SCP-4XXX-A-13, is sheathed on its back.

Note: 24 more of these statues were recovered around the general premise, all assuming similar positions and measurmeants. — Dr. A. Dahli

Item #: SCP-4XXX-A-52

Description: A papyrus scroll showing what appears to be a map of SCP-4XXX (with the addition of 5748 buildings and a large, circular structure in the center). Multiple lines have been drawn across the map, along with symbols several symbols connected to several outermost facilities.

Addendum 4XXX.3: Exploration Log 4XXX.1

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