A Radio Transmission, Sent To Get The Heart To Listen ((Do Not) Let Me Go)

Item #: 4XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-4XXX are to be contained in large item lockers in Site-23. All Foundation personnel stationed at medical centers within 20 kilometers of any object displaying Type-Blue thaumaturgic properties are to be equipped with a VERITAS Aetheric Resonance Imager; any detected EVE fluctuations are to be investigated for signs an SCP-4XXX manifestation ritual. If a ritual is confirmed, the practitioner is to be incapacitated and administered Class-B amnestics, and the materials for the ritual are to be destroyed.

Service-centered Foundation front companies are to begin programs that promote the need for additional counselling and therapeutic resources for persons in medical professions. All Foundation medical personnel are to be given basic therapeutic training.

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