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Item #: SCP-X Threat Level: Green
Object Class: Neutralized 2/X Declassified



Special Containment Procedures: Dunno what to put here



Description: SCP-X refers to a number of anomalous Solanum tuberosum plants, seemingly native to the United Kingdom. Over 2,500 instances of SCP-X have been discovered, distributed in areas of rural landscape. All SCP-X instances are connected to one another through a series of thick rhizomes, possibly resulting from asexual reproduction via tubers.

When an individual attempts to uproot SCP-X, a sound similar to a bell will manifest below the soil. The local flora will begin to grow at 3.6 ms-1 into a tunnel-like system, stretching to an arbitrary length in both directions. Railway tracks also manifest along the length of the tunnel. Outside observers simply note that the individual vanished after uprooting the plant. GPSs show no difference in the individual's location before and after SCP-X activation.

After approximately 20 seconds of waiting, a locomotive resembling an overgrown train will manifest along the tunnel and will stop before the individual and will not proceed until they board. The locomotive contains multiple humanoid figures consisting entirely of S. tuberosum flesh (hereafter SCP-X-2). A unique SCP-X-2 instance wearing a ticket collector's hat will approach the individual and ask them to where they are headed. Upon receiving a valid answer, the locomotive will begin to travel to the closest SCP-X instance to the named location.

Occasionally, all SCP-X instances will spontaneously generate a notice. The generation of these notes usually corresponds to a change in SCP-X or SCP-X-2 activity. The following table details all documented notes:

Information Relevant Content Events
Note #1

January 29th 1946

Title: "Multiple Stations Offline"
"Our customers may use our rail replacement service. " Potatoes grow legs and get on trains
info note event
Note #3


Title: "Out of Service"
As of today, and all days to come, our stations are offline.

We apologise for the inconvenience.
All SCP-X instances self-neutralized.

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