Several States are Typing...


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Webcrawler I/O-YANKEE is to continuously monitor SCP-USIRC-A. Efforts to retrieve SCP-USIRC-2 have been designated Code Green (low priority). Reports of SCP-USIRC-1 are to handled according to Cover Story USIRC-A (governmental monitoring). Access to SCP-USIRC-A is to be blocked on every major service provider.

Description: SCP-USIRC is the collective designation of a series of anomalies. SCP-USIRC-1 is a series of radio signals originating from several buildings around the United States of America. SCP-USIRC-2 is an unknown structure located beneath the Washington Monument that serves as the destination of SCP-USIRC-1.

SCP-USIRC-A is a SYNirc chatroom that has not been found on any records located at the IP address ██.██.██. SCP-USIRC-B are the users of SCP-USIRC-A.

When a subject joins SCP-USIRC-A, two events can occur.

If the subject is in the same state as an SCP-USIRC-1 instance, they will be kicked from SCP-USIRC-A and over the next hour the computer used to connect to SCP-USIRC-A will increase in temperature until it ceases function.

If the subject is not in the same state as an SCP-USIRC-1 instance, the subject will experience an error that disconnects them from SCP-USIRC-A and the building the subject is located will begin transmitting an SCP-USIRC-1 instance.

Below is a list of known instances of SCP-USIRC-B
Username Origin to remove later
AbrahamLinkedIn The Nebraska State Capital nebraska
AirForce20 The United States Air Force Academy Cadet Chapel colorado
ArkAndSaw Thorncrown Chapel arkansas
@BigAppleCore The Empire State Building new york
*FBIBot The Pentagon washington dc 1
+FloridaChatter The Fontainebleau Miami Beach florida
GraceOfGod Trinity Church (Boston) massachusetts
MrKrabs The Price Tower oklahoma
@MyNameJefferson Monticello virginia
@NoStoneThrows The Glass House connecticut
#OneDollarCoin The Washington Monument washington dc 2
PayMeFish The Fisher Building michigan
@RainGoddess Concourse Corporate Center V georgia 1
RisingFire Fallingwater pennsylvania
SelfBuilding Taliesin East wisconsin
+SnowWhiteOST The Walt Disney Concert Hall california
Spaaaaaaaaace The Space Needle washington
StLouie The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Louis, King of France louisiana
@WafflyHouse Concourse Corporate Center VI georgia 2
+Willis-I-Am The Willis Tower1 illinois
+YeeToTheHaw The Texas State Capital texas

Addendum USIRC-1: Selected recovered chat logs

@RainGoddess set channel +m
<@RainGoddess> .fact
<*FBIBot> Birds don't have bladders
<@RainGoddess> Discuss That. Now.
@RainGoddess set channel -m
<Spaaaaaaaaace> why should it matter if they have bladders when pee is stored in the balls
<AirForce20> do birds have balls?
<PayMeFish> lemme check
<PayMeFish> .g do birds have testicles
<*FBIbot> Unlike mammals, most male birds don't have penises. Instead, both male and female birds have what's known as a cloaca. The cloaca is an internal chamber that ends in an opening, and through this opening, a bird's sex organs — testes or ovaries — discharge sperm or eggs. Animal Sex: How Birds Do It | Bird Sex - Live Science
<–– *FBIbot was kicked by *FBIbot (not tagging NSFW content)
<MrKrabs> jesus christ FBIbot
<+SnowWhiteOST> lmao
<Spaaaaaaaaace> when FBIbot kicks himself yet again
<@RainGoddess> OneDollarCoin FBIbot kicked himself again.
<#OneDollarCoin> huh
<#OneDollarCoin> oh goddammit
<#OneDollarCoin> hang on
––> *FBIbot joined
<#OneDollarCoin> there we go
<@RainGoddess> OneDollarCoin You should really make sure this doesn't happen again.
<#OneDollarCoin> oh yeah
<#OneDollarCoin> i keep forgetting
<RisingFire> FBI is a stupid bot
<*FBIbot> You're stupid
<+SnowWhiteOST> oh damn
<RisingFire> It constantly does dumb stuff like this, is only good for managing mod positions, and its owner has no experience managing a bot whatsoever.
<–– RisingFire was kicked by #OneDollarCoin (dont be mean to me or my robot son ever again)
––> RisingFire joined
<RisingFire> Okay fine

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