Shadow Phone log

Interviewed: O5-7

Interviewer: O5-2

Foreword: As O5-7 was the only Overseer not present at the date of discovery, O5-2 briefed them over a secure line to update them on events.

<Begin Log>

O5-2: How was Siberia?

O5-7: Cold and frustrating. I was looking forward to returning to Command for once, then my pilot was informed of the whole debacle. Is everyone alright?

O5-2: Mostly fine. Scattered among their safehouses while Alpha-1's trying to figure out more about this. Have you seen it yet?

O5-7: I have not. From the preliminary file I was sent, it seems to have some emotokinetic capabilities? Was everyone exposed to it?

O5-2: The rest of the council, and a few Alpha-1 members. Interestingly enough, it only seems to elicit a response in Overseers. Well except for Thirteen. Do you have access to Site-01's servers at the moment? I'll send you the image we took.

O5-7: I'm an Overseer, not a D-Class personnel. Is this wise? As far as I can see, I'm the only one unexposed to it.

O5-2: Over the last 24 day or so we've been scanned for every type of memetic and infohazardous anomaly there is. Forgot how invasive the procedures were, actually… Anyways, Alpha-1's determined it carries no personal risk. Just sent it.

O5-7: Allow me a moment. Oh. I see. Can I look away from it now?

O5-2: Getting anything?

O5-7: There's something strange about it. My first instinct was to close the computer and throw it into the sea. Something about that image makes my skin crawl. Like a image I can't bear to see. I'm closing the file now.

O5-2: Gotcha. I'll put down a "Professed a reluctance to look at it for long…" Thank you.

O5-7: I'm not sure what that will give us, but I'm glad I could help. What emotions did it elicit in you?

O5-2: I… had these stabbing pains pains in my wrists. Just like… well, never mind.

O5-7: Ah. I can see why One would be so interested in sniffing out the truth behind this. Are you alright, my dear?

O5-2: I'll be fine. The sooner we're done with this, the better. I'll catch you when your plane arrives.

<End Log>

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