Interview 5490-01.1
Subject: SCP-5490-01
Interviewer: D-357
Date: Ten years ago, at all times
Observing: N/A

Notes: Though GPS trackers placed by personnel have consistently placed SCP-5490-1's cockpit as residing somewhere beneath Tiruchirapalli, India, the location of its access point is variable. The hatch is impregnable, yet will open of its own accord when presented with a candidate chosen by SCP-5490, although it is not known what criteria the entity uses to select such a candidate.

Within the hatch is a seemingly endless dark expanse which the candidate will be drawn into, before the hatch seals behind them. The candidate will then find themselves within SCP-5490's cockpit: a lightless, ovoid chamber with no exit. All available surfaces are covered with countless levers, dials, buttons and all manner of similar devices.

There exist no screens, meters, or any form of audiovisual aids by which information regarding the various apparatus purpose, measurements and operating capacity may be deduced.

SCP-5490-1 itself is a roughly-spherical mass of one thousand multicolor tendrils, hanging from a stalk whose base is always concealed, regardless of one's position within the cockpit. A spade-shaped metallic beak can be seen within the entity's center, but only during times when several hundreds of its tendrils are occupied with its cockpit's systems; otherwise, it is concealed within its mass. The entity typically holds candidates aloft within its chamber for the duration of their stay, presumably so they do not inadvertently interfere with its work.

Query Event: It is understood that she had entered the cockpit with the intent to ask the name of the entity. D-649 was rendered speechless upon envisioning the entity after turning on her supplied flashlight, and as such he was unable to verbalize her query before he reappeared within custody at Site-001.

Upon being questioned, it was found that D-008 could not communicate in any written or verbal fashion beside using the words "ONE", "SAHASRARA", "UNYEILDING", "BALLAST" and "CHAKRAH".

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