SCP-2651 - Gazers - Original
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Item #: SCP-2651

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2651 is to be stored in a containment chamber at Lunar Area-32, outfitted with two Kardec Counters, security cameras, and a microphone. The devices should be checked on a weekly basis, with repairs being made if necessary. If any equipment becomes irreparable, it must be requested to be part of the next scheduled supply delivery.

Any discrepancies in 2651-δ Events must be reported to Level 3/2651 personnel, with changes in the ritual recorded.

Description: SCP-2651-A is a steel globe with a radius of 3 meters, showing engravings resembling the geography of Earth in the early Archean Eon. Three of the continents have a 25 cm long pyramid extending from them, inscribed with a symbol resembling the appearance of SCP-2651-B instances.

SCP-2651-B1 through B10 are Class-B ectomorphs1 (sapient but lacking agency) that float in a circular pattern around SCP-2651-A, at a distance of 1 meter. All SCP-2651-B are 3 meter long humanoids resembling crustaceans2, possessing four arms and three legs, along with having a 4 meter long rod composed of ectoplasm penetrating their chests. Each instance is leaning back with their heads facing up. On occasion the ectomorphs will speak in the Ortothan language3, via a series of binary clicks and exhalations4. Typical phrases uttered include "The spirit is false," "Itself gazes," "Release myself from this grip," and "Ourself priest lied to us." Convulsions are common when speaking. SCP-2651-B7 is only instance that hasn't spoken or convulsed.

SCP-2651-C is a translucent spectral apparition 1 meter above SCP-2651-A, resembling SCP-2651-B instances with the exception of having a cylindrical head. On occasion the entity will speak in the same manner as SCP-2651-B, saying "Myself shall't be taken," and "Myself sorry, myself knew not."

On a monthly basis an 2651-δ Event will occur, in which SCP-2651-B instances and SCP-2651-C will reenact a ritual. A log is provided below.


SCP-2651-B instances change from their standard positions to standing in a circle around SCP-2651-A. The ectoplasm rods appear on the ground next to them. SCP-2651-C continues to float above SCP-2651-A, holding its rod in one of its hands, and begins gesturing to the instances. No holes or apparent wounds are present in the chests up the entities following the removal of the rods.

SCP-2651-C: Travelers from the land of the lost third creation pool! It is time to accomplish the terminal purpose for the spirit of our people!

SCP-2651-C points to the floor with all four arms and waves them. Each of the instances retrieves a rod and perforates their hand-like appendages, causing a violet liquid to drip from them. They begin to walk around SCP-2651-A, creating a complex geometric pattern with the fluids.

SCP-2651-C: Feel not sorrow of yourself that we shall't join our fellow brood, whose terminal purpose belongs to a rougher future pool. Cry not a shallow tear. Instead, jubilant of yourself for that we shall be one with them, and we will watch over and bring prosperity to culture, citizenry and platoon!

The instances stop moving and stand still at their original positions, with the exception of SCP-2651-B7, which moves their pierced hand around behind their back. This creates an additional pattern composed of multiple intersecting curved lines, located on the edge of the main pattern.

SCP-2651-C: Discard fear of yourself of becoming a collective of piety. Stare above, forget yourself chemical vessels, engulf the spectral energies from the rocks surrounding and stare through it.

After raising the rods, the entities all push them through their chests, though SCP-2651-B7 hesitates before doing so. More of the violet fluid spurts out from their bodies, and the SCP-2651-B fall backwards. The rods hold the instances in an upright position.

SCP-2651-C: Do yourself witness the distortions in the sky, the armadas, delegations, blood bringers blinking into orbit? Their lights are flashing above the dark surface as they look down, down upon the locale of their own terminal purpose and all subsequent ones. Channel yourself pain to them. Practice ourself fated providence and fuel the lightning within their minds; let courage of themselves manifest. They can connect themselves to ourselves now, as vice versa.

A minute of silence. The bleeding slows down.

SCP-2651-C: Gaze yourself upon the all encompassing circle of brown and gray. The star of new flickers on the edge, and nuclear heat spills forth into the void flat. The dull outline of the sunplaced atmosphere spreads and envelopes the world and the void flats beyond. Themself, no, ourself will turn this inhospitable slag into beauty.

SCP-2651-C: Ourselves are mere steps away from merging with the spirit. It floats before ourselves, wreathed in violet and bone. Itself arms are outstretched before yourself, yourself reach back. Grab ahold. A future for fellow blood brood is inevitable. Gaze yourself upwards. Gaze yourself into it, and let it gaze itself into you.

All instances and SCP-2651-C extend two of their arms into the air, while SCP-2651-B7 extends all four.

SCP-2651-C: Gaze yourself, travelers, and watch the dawn of prosperity.

Bleeding stops, and all entities go limp. After a minute all SCP-2651-B lift off of the ground and convulse, and SCP-2651-C momentarily twitches. All entities resume their normal rotation around SCP-2651-A.

[δ END]

SCP-2651 was discovered on 13-2-17, during tunneling in the construction of the Area 13-32 Transit System. The hemispherical chamber the anomaly was found in contained several metal medallions, depicting symbols found on AO#75465, AO#12096, and multiple non-anomalous metal structures. The anomaly was relocated to a provisional containment chamber at Lunar Area-32 the next day, with current procedures fully established by 18-2-17.

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Special thanks to: Shaggydredlocks (for inspiring me to go short form (this is close enough to 20 sentences, right?), LordStonefish (for making improvements to the dialogue), and subtletea (for inspiring the stuff about the cult members staring up at the Earth as they slowly die).

Thanks to Roget, LordMetalton, Decibelle, LordStonefish, DrMagnus, tretter, Sunnyclockwork, shio, and Vacuum for crit!

Some non-spoilery things, in case you having trouble figuring things out:

  • Ortothan is an old as hell language. While it is associated with the Church of the Second Hytoth (on Earth, at least), it's used by groups that are unrelated to the Church (such as the eleven aliens here (though the rest of their species may have some connection)).
  • This SCP does not feature any of the Church mythos, and is intended to be fairly standalone.
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