SCP-3417 - The Preacher of Globular Cluster Terzan 2 - Original
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SCP-3417 X-ray emissions, recorded by the NASA High Energy Astronomy Observatory 2 in 1980. Each orange spot is a source of X-rays, with SCP-3417 being the brightest one.

Item #: SCP-3417

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Scientific articles theorising SCP-3417 to be an X-ray pulsar will be published if astronomical groups become interested in the anomaly. Foundation assets in the field of astronomy will either prevent the development of or alter technology that could potentially decode the anomaly's X-ray emissions.

Autonomous Exploration Satellite Ehlers-001 (AES E-001) and four monitoring probes will orbit around SCP-3417 and record all X-ray emissions. These emissions will be decoded by Extrasolar Activities Division members and Ortothan language translators.

Description: SCP-3417 is an organic extraterrestrial entity located near the center of the Terzan 2 Globular Cluster1, moving at a velocity of 205km/s.

The organism is approximately 40km long. The body is comprised of two cones of equal size (16km long), with the bases (36km diameters) connected to a roughly cylindrical midsection (diameter of 19km, length of 4km) composed of organ and bone-like structures. Four tunnels (5km diameters) placed at 90° intervals are present on the surface of the cones, 8km from the bases, which descend for 5km. The tunnels are suspected to extend for longer, though a mass of flesh is present at the end of each one, blocking further exploration. The anomaly has a primarily red coloration, though various yellow circular patterns, scratches, and craters are on its surface.

Four 43km long structures, composed of a mass of tendrils terminating in a spheroid object, radially extend from the midsection, located at 90° intervals. These structures, designated SCP-3417-A1 through SCP-3417-A4, produce X-rays with a frequency in the range of 16 exahertz in periodic bursts, released in a spherical region around each spheroid.2 Analysis of the X-rays shows that their properties are modulated in a similar manner to radio wave communication, creating unique signals that can be converted into information when detected by a receiver.

These signals consist of monotone speech with a varying pitch, speaking in an unknown dialect of the Ortothan language3 and describing events related to the Ortothan mythology4. Information on the Ortothan language and its dialects is limited, though portions of the transmissions have been translated. Excerpts are available below, with punctuation marks added for legibility.

And so the Holy Second spoke. "Why was the statue built?"

"Eov-Leusan EVAPORATED conqueror beast-vessels with HEAVENLY CANNONS. My existence preserved by act. I ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for such act. Build temple for worship of Holy Third. Yes?" Hylon's priest tendril screeched. A (grid, array) of hundreds of Hylon's tendrils was (bowing?) and (masticating?) before the statue and temple.

"Do you know that I killed more conquerors than Eov-Leusan?" said the Holy Second.

"Eov-Leusan did not SAY that. Eov-Leusan EVAPORATED ALL."

Waves of anger and jealousy manifested in him, and the Holy Second unsheathed his great swords and dismembered Hylon across the star system.

Above the city the Holy First's mortal body manifested. The (spears?) were fired from the towers but were (punched?) in a heavenly burst of light.

"[Unknown: A long sentence]" he ordered.

But the towers could not comprehend the destiny the city was built for. (spears?) were fired again and the Holy First [unknown] evaporate neural spheres, (deactivating?) the towers. They flew into the vacated city and descended into the (chasm, depth) of impossibilities. To the (lowered?) (fear, dread) of the Holy First, the defense towers had not damaged the (interior?) in their (revolt, rebellion). The great network of passageways that spanned the universe was safe.

If you are listening, bleed for the universe.

Hypotheses were posed by Exobiology Department researchers that SCP-3417 would respond to X-ray transmissions directed at it, based on how communication was established with SCP-1281 and SCP-████. The Transportation Gate5 attached to AES E-001 allowed Foundation personnel to connect an X-ray generator to the satellite on 19-December-2021, which would broadcast X-rays at the same frequency range. On 13-November-2021 AES E-001 emitted X-rays at the anomaly, and two minutes after a secondary set of X-rays emissions were detected from SCP-3417. An interview was then performed, with researchers writing messages that AES E-001 would transmit.


Command: Greetings.

SCP-3417: Identify yourself.

Command: I am a listener. I enjoy your work.

SCP-3417: Listeners have not talked to me in the past. Greetings.

Command: Can I ask questions?

SCP-3417: Mind (strength?) limited from preaching, limited talk, but I can answer.

Command: Who are you?

SCP-3417: I am [unintelligible], designated preacher of [unknown: Vort-plya?].

Command: I cannot pronounce your name. Call you 17?

SCP-3417: My sympathy for your inferior vocal machinery. Call 17. Name?

Command: Surveyor.

SCP-3417: Identified. Where do you come from?

Command: 17, why do you preach?

SCP-3417: You know of Rakmou-leusan? Universe (protector?) Voruteut6 invader killer?

Command: Yes.

SCP-3417: Good. Faith needed for Rakmou-leusan to survive. Faith brings blood for Rakmou-leusan, heavenly body uses blood for life. Life brings protection from Voruteut invaders. Faith brings survival. (Understand, comprehend)?

Command: Yes.

SCP-3417: Do you preach?

Command: No. When did you start preaching?

SCP-3417: Bad. Are you Ortothan?

Command: No. When did you become Ortothan?

SCP-3417: Bad twice, Surveyor. Ortothans preserve all universe. Ortothans collect blood of all universe for Rakmou-leusan's (strength?). All blood flow. Duty of all universe to make flow. No duty deserve death by Voruteut. You want unholy death?

Command: No, but I cannot give blood. Metal body.

SCP-3417: My body cannot release blood. No appendage for self-wound for flow. Wound cause (space, cosmos) death of my body [unknown] decompress (organs?). Preach instead. Preach cause faith make others give blood.

Command: Preaching substitutes blood sacrifice?

SCP-3417: Yes. Other preachers risk (space, cosmos) death from blood give, preach to cause blood give instead. Others body of metal not flesh. Holy substitute. You must preach.

Command: No, I am busy. Survey Vort-plya and universe is purpose.

SCP-3417: Vort-plya and surrounding (region?) explored [unknown: a unit of time] in distant past. Vort-plya and (region?) inhabited.

Command: Then survey universe.

SCP-3417: Need godspeed to travel (infinities?) of universe. Need body not bound to mortal material. Mortal unable to true godspeed.

Command: Is it impossible?

SCP-3417: No. Rituals ripple space, flows endless for gods, gods (unknown), mortals flow with it. Danger. No travel, no survey. Stay, preach, bleed. What (important?) to survey?

Command: I am busy.

SCP-3417: [unknown]. Listen. Tell story. Born in spore cloud in [unknown: Ren-Rin-Vort-Plya?]. Wandered through Vort-plya eating cosmic dust with no preaching. Avoided (void lungers?). Mind only for continuation of (species?). Mind inferior as yours until encounter [unknown: Veon?]. Know of Veon?

Command: No.

SCP-3417: Remember, important information, not remember triple bad, listen. The first Ortothans built holy helical spire Veon for knowledge storage in first [unknown: a unit of time]. Veon divinity weighs on space, buckles, segment itself across universe. Found part of Veon while consuming cosmic dust bent around it. I was lured into spire and it bent me.

Command: It bent you for preaching?

SCP-3417: Yes. Mind melded [unknown] ancient Ortothan preachers, made me (enlightened, wise). Became knowledge of Koru-teusa (glories?), soul singularity, gods that want faith to be lost, history of greatest kingdom. Could use parts for more than mating calls, destined for raising (infinite?) faith.

Command: What is the melding like?

SCP-3417: Memories in disarray, lost during mental changes, outcome known. Minds connected but separate, preacher mind push on old mind and forces it to be Ortothan and preach. Now designated preacher of Vort-plya.

Command: So you unwillingly preach?

SCP-3417: Yes. It is good.

Command: How is forced work good?

SCP-3417: Forced work creates purpose, greater than purpose of surveying. Purpose keeps world alive, keeps us alive. Thoughts held by new mind better than old ones, better than yours. I feel (ecstasy?) from mental changes and forces. You think it is bad?

Command: Yes.

SCP-3417: Your views wrong, broken. [unknown] Before Veon destiny was mating with lost [unintelligible]. No purpose no point to exist, only avoid death instinct, makes empty life. Veon new mind purpose filled life. Cage better than empty freedom. Understand?

Command: I understand.

SCP-3417: You tell truth, or lie? Lied to self for [unknown: a unit of time].

Command: It is truth.

SCP-3417: Mind potential to change. Find Veon.

Command: Where is it?

SCP-3417: Stay in Vort-plya.

The next transmissions sent are still being decoded by Foundation bots, though current analysis suggests that they encode a set of images.

SCP-3417: Veon will find you. Mind cannot improve, mind stagnates. Mind prevents greatness [unknown]. Meld your mind, it will be holy.

Command: Can I preach after melding?

SCP-3417: Not can, will. Do not talk again until preach. I wait.


SCP-3417 has not responded to further attempts at communication.


Te2 1426-g

Addendum.1: On 23-December-2021 the entity entered the vicinity of the star system Te2 1426. Four ridged organic cones (7km long) each extended from two of the holes on SCP-3417's cones, each of which was lined with 20 muscular hydrostats similar to cephalopod limbs. Blue light (435 lux) began to surround the entity as it rapidly accelerated, entering a hyberbolic trajectory that brought it towards the planet Te2 1426-g. On 1-January 2022 SCP-3417 entered orbit around the planet, at which point X-ray emissions ended.

1227 objects resembling SCP-3417 were observed in orbit, all damaged to varying degrees.7 Pieces of flesh also orbited the planet and objects, along with clouds of an organic substance. Twelve regions of empty space that were orbited by viscera were identified as gravitational anomalies.

SCP-3417 began emitting a looping message after one orbit around Te2 1426-g.

Greetings! [unintelligible], the preacher of Vort-plya, and I am at your locale for an important announcement concerning safety for the next eternity.

As wide spread as glorious Ortothan culture is, your (region, territory) has too little faith for Rakmou-leusan to continue the preservation of our universe! The cosmic hole grows and the nails tearing it open will soon reach for you! You are too preoccupied in the (breeding orbit?), and this must end now! Once [unknown: a unit of time], you must use (song pillars?) to spread the truths of our guardian and the fallen six. You will make the Fourth rejuvinated and pry the teeth of the Voruteut back to the gray abyss! For those among you who are ignorant and uncaring — I know you are there — I (implore, command) you to screech to all of Vort-plya, make all to listen to [unintelligible]!

Ignorant ones, you need the knowledge, [unknown: a long sentence] and I am enlightened. A greater purpose awaits, and to avoid it is to betray the universe! The Voruteut will be the first to dismember your mind and soul when your failure destines the worlds to (dissection?)! Even death will not end your experience, for the Eitoth and all the souls within shall fall and be stretched into the spiral. Veon expects you.

Praise the Holy Fourth, make your [unknown: a unit of time] of life holy!

Two days later SCP-3417 entered a hyperbolic trajectory that will lead it out of the star system. As of 8-January-2022 regular X-ray emissions have resumed.

Addendum.2: On 19-January-2022 several electromagnetic radiation emissions of varying frequency were detected by AES E-001. Ortothan to English translations of the transmissions are available below.

Praise messiah of four-four-four-four-four-four-four.

Lovely scream. Repeat scream. Lovely rhomboid.

Wonlaik was innocent!

Preacher. Starfield.

Heretic of Twelve Constellation United. Treason of forbidden narratives of First Second Third Fourth Fifth Sixth Seventh Sinner speak. Information Fifth Sinner force relearn unknown deaths. Authority (void, hole) approach heretic. Flee not.

All glory [unknown] all glory [unknown] reject false kings all glory [unknown]. Liar voice.

Note: This transmission repeated twelve times after, each time in a different unidentified language.

These emissions were detected by other monitoring probes located in Terzan 2. Triangulation of the emission sources is underway, with current data suggesting they originate from star systems within a 9 light-year range around Te2 1426.

Although other transmissions of extraterrestrial origin have been detected within the cluster, these are the first that appear to be addressing SCP-3417, as well as being the most translated extraterrestrial transmissions to date. An investigation of these sources and other areas of Terzan 2, including Te2 1426, has been proposed, and is pending approval.

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