A Mysterious Hero

Niles Hessen woke up in the site infirmary, and tried to remember what had happened. She winced as her head rang, incapable of recalling much. She turned and saw she didn't need to, as a fellow researcher walked over to her bed.

"What happened?" she asked, sitting up in her bed. She winced as a pain flared up in her chest.

The doctor smiled somberly. "Broken ribs, for starters. How are you feeling?"

"Bad enough that I don't have a witty response," she replied. "I'm guessing that I didn't just fall down the stairs and get amnesia?"

The researcher handed her a tablet, an incident report open and ready for her to read. "Containment breach, naturally."

Niles closed her eyes and groaned. Today was not a good day. "Good news first, please."

"The good news was that the damage wasn't too severe. Casualties and collateral damage were kept to a minimum, and all Euclids and Keters were returned."

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