See no evil
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-XXXX is to remain locked at all times, it is to be opened only at a discretion of personnel with 3/XXXX clearance level. No individuals are to enter SCP-XXXX or perceive its internal side outside of the controlled environment. All testing items are to be delivered to SCP-XXXX via remote-controlled drones.

Site-224's staff tasked with inventory control is to maintain a strict record of the disposal of any items stationed at the Department of Advanced Memetic Studies.

Proposals for the usage of SCP-XXXX's anomalous properties for the Foundation's benefit are to be agreed upon by all members of the research team. Such proposals are to be then authorized by the current project curator, head of the department, and Site-224 director.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an experimental prototype of a cognito/infohazard termination chamber, located in Site-224's Department of Advanced Memetic Studies.

Inside SCP-XXXX is a controlled informational void, achieved by anomalously nullifying the connection between the conceptual representation of the chamber's insides and their placement in the physical world. As a result, all concepts entering the chamber are rendered nonexistent. When an object or an entity (hereby SCP-XXXX-1) is placed into SCP-XXXX, the information directly related to them will gradually disappear.

SCP-XXXX's effect spreads to all forms of data (written, oral, and visual), as well as individuals' memories. It is believed that SCP-XXXX's effect does not physically remove clusters of information (such as written words or photographs) but rather makes them fully unperceivable and indescribable, which results in SCP-XXXX-1 becoming an antimeme. A similar effect applies to SCP-XXXX itself, as all test subjects reported being unable to perceive the chamber's insides.

SCP-XXXX was created as part of the project "Lesser knowledge", which was launched on 2018/10/20 and aimed at finding innovative ways of suppressing infohazardous anomalies that could not be safely contained due to their properties. It was theorized that a localized informational void would be capable of rendering a majority of such anomalies harmless, as it would result in the individuals' being unable to perceive them and become affected. SCP-XXXX's creation was proposed by Site-224's Memetic Department Head Martin Styles; it was later approved as the potential last resort in a case of a dangerous infohazardous anomaly breaching containment.

Following the object's creation, a number of tests were conducted by M. Styles and the assigned research team. The full list, along with the M. Styles' notes, is presented below.

Summary Notes
The eastern supply room contains two 40 cm cardboard boxes, according to the preliminary inventory record it contained four. Assigned personnel were able to recognize the mismatch but are unable to explain it. Apparently, SCP-XXXX's effect does not fully cover the collective (numerical) cognition.
A box with two baseballs and number "three" painted on it was located in the head researcher's office. Near it, two pieces of paper and an audio recorder was found. All items contained descriptions of the two balls in one of three forms (I. E. visual, written and oral) performed by head researcher M. Styles. Empty space on those pieces of paper, as well as the audio length, suggest that there actually was "three". All information removed as expected, time to try something different.
Head researcher's office has four picture frames hanging on the wall. Three contained different paintings, the last was empty. On the researcher's computer, several web pages with no content were opened. Further inspection revealed them to be pages of websites dedicated to visual artworks. Several sources, all indicate that the content, whatever it was, is fully removed. Consider it a success.
It was discovered that in the list of anomalous items the designation that follows AM-1552 is AM-1554, despite other designations having no gaps. Additionally, two D class employees were found detained in an anti-infohazard quarantine zone for no apparent reason. Testing showed to anomalous influence in the persons. Here goes the first anomaly. Something minor, understandably, but it seems like everything worked well.
One of the security personnel guarding SCP-XXXX is unarmed, while his partner possesses a handgun. No explanation for that mismatch could be provided by either the guard in question or the inventorial staff. By all records, the guard seems to have always been unarmed despite the security protocol stipulating weapons. This is odd, I have no idea what we were trying to achieve here.
It was established that there are nine research staff in the department's eastern wing, despite the documentation stating there is ten. Additionally, one of the working tables in the office is unused. According to the present employees, they never saw anyone performing their duties at that table. We've got a problem. It seems someone violated SCP-XXXX's containment procedures. Possibly an accident during the last test? We'll start the investigation immediately.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Related Phenomena

On 2020/02/01, various files started manifesting on the unused office computer located in the department's eastern wing. The files originated from an unknown source and mainly consisted of texts and images with an unclear context. Such manifestations took place several times over the course of the next two weeks. No informational or memetic hazards were discovered during the initial check-up, the files were deemed to be safe for viewing. The manifestations are presented below in chronological order.

Date: 2020/02/01



Dark. Where? Can't see can't feel can't. Breathing is hard. Stuffed. Looking everywhere, black. Nothing. Won't be. Can't be. No exit. Will never be an exit. Cannot find. Forever? Can't be free. Will not leave. Remain here. Why? Dead end. Always a dead end. Walked to the left, to the right, up, down, upside down, inside out. Finding nothing. Black always. Never goes away. It stays here. Waiting. I'm very tired.

Date: 2020/02/02



Light. Beautiful. Strong. Shines, gives a way. They saw it. Were walking to it, nearing it, climbing forward and upward. Succeeding. Time and time again. Easily, not easily, prepared, unprepared. They could. I wanted too. I thought it was for me. Tried, fell down. Again. It wasn't mine, never. Not for me. I stay, remain. Not leaving. Seeing blackness.

Date: 2020/02/04



Typing letters interwined in long strings, spilling into the paper's whiteness. Words continue with same forms and same colors. Day after day after day after day. It comes in loops. Getting better, getting smarter, no results. Words change, the steps stay the same. It always stays the same. Tiring, suffocating. Progress doesn't matter. Cannot leave the blackness. See it waiting at a distance. Why go on? Don't see a purpose. Maybe there isn't one.

Date: 2020/02/06



Comfort is too thick to break. It spreads like a shell, chaining the movements. Hiding in my rooms, each and every day. Can't look outside. The noises, the lights, it all goes on and goes away. They move forward, further and further. Their ways will form, deform, overlap, reach their destination. I won't. I'm staying here. No light for me. Blackness is here, it's almost time. But I can't approach. It's scary. They'll miss me, they'll be sad. Why would they? I'm stuck, too weak to decide.

Date: 2020/02/13

The chamber at the end of the corridor. Helped to create it, know it all the way through. Testing was successful. It fits perfectly. No one's crying, no one's sad, they all just forget and that's it. That's okay, they don't need to miss me.

Leaving without saying goodbye. One shot is all it takes.

Addendum.XXXX.2: Further Communication

On 2020/02/14, the research team made several attempts to communicate with the individual (labeled SCP-XXXX-1) distributing the files and identify them. Originally, the communication was attempted by creating and editing various files on the respective computer. No response from SCP-XXXX-1 followed, the method was deemed unsuccessful.

A different approach was proposed by the research curator: two identical notes addressed to SCP-XXXX-1 will be compiled, after which one of them will be delivered to SCP-XXXX, while another will remain in the researcher's office. If despite the protocol, the personnel will only be able to recognize one of the produced notes, and will not be able to explain the mismatch, this would mean that the second note was delivered.

A day after the first attempt of communication, a response from SCP-XXXX-1 was received via a .txt file. The following exchange is documented below.

Note: Hello, this is SCP-XXXX research/testing team. We're trying to come into contact with you. Can you see this text? If so, please respond in any manner available to you.

Response: Hello. I can see it. Yes. It flew to my right. It was going to sink below, I barely caught it.

Note: Good. We would like to know who are you. Do you remember your name, position or any other facts about yourself? Please state what you know.

Response: I… Hold on, I don't think I can fully respond. I'm not fully "me" yet. There are still pieces floating around, I need some time to collect them all. But I do remember something. Lucas. Yes, the name is Lucas. Level… Level three researcher. Project "Lesser Knowledge". Brown hair. Six or so feet tall. Can't remember much right now, sorry. Will come into contact again soon. I'm glad we can talk now, the last several days were pretty hectic.

Note: We're glad as well, Lucas. Can you describe what happened to you? We've received some of the earlier texts, but they didn't tell us much. Do you remember anything? About working for the project, or entering SCP-XXXX?

Response2: Wait a second… Wait… Oh yes, it works. I'm so glad to hear my own voice again. Sorry for the delay, I just… I had to fully collect myself before we proceeded. I think there are still pieces of me left flying around, hopefully they didn't sink… But I do feel complete enough.

I do remember. I was part of the Martin Styles' team, and I did work for the project. Sitting in that office, hour after hour, typing words, running tests, now everything feels like one long day, to be honest. I think that's an indication of what I felt like, it's just… Eh. I ended up entering SCP-XXXX voluntarily. At my own discretion, by using the 3/XXXX keycard. Feel free to reprimand me, I guess.


Dr. Patterson: Hello.


Dr. Patterson: Uh, hello? Who's this?

Unknown: Greetings, Doctor Patterson. Having a good day?

Dr. Patterson: I… Who's talking to me?

Unknown: Glad to finally hear you. Who we are is unimportant at the moment, but don't be alarmed, we wish you no harm. There's only one problem that we want to solve.

Dr. Patterson: What do you mean? If it's a joke, it's not a funny one.

Unknown: Please, Mr. Patterson, we're absolutely serious. The thing we're concerned about is the relaxing tune that we've released recently. I believe your organization was the one to delete it from the web and lay hands on every physical copy we've distributed. We don't appreciate you stamping all over our efforts like that, but you can still make it right. Just stop "containing" it, or how you call it. There's no need to do so anyway.

Dr. Patterson: The tune? Wait, the one that appeared in public access a month ago?

Unknown: Indeed. Our latest creation.

Dr. Patterson: You've created it? And now want to intimidate me into releasing it back online? Your "tune" is a dangerous anomaly that had to be isolated. It makes people eject monsters out of their mouths, that's not what music is supposed to do.

Unknown: Dangerous? Is it? You're the head researcher, you must've seen the results it had on the subjects during your tests. The emotions that were overflowing them… Their anger, anxiety, panic, sadness, all washed away in a matter of minutes.

Dr. Patterson: Wait, how do you know about…

Unknown: The exit that they needed so desperately is right there. The outbreak for their emotions and bad memories, the ones that they wanted to release and forget, is achieved through listening to one of our tunes. No need for long therapy sessions, anti-depressants, and hours of useless soul-searching. Just a calm, relaxing experience, that helps to let go.

Dr. Patterson: Just so you know, your strange monologues don't intimidate me.

Unknown: I didn't call you to intimidate you. I called to be a voice of reason. Didn't you feel it yourself?

Dr. Patterson: So you're trying to justify what you're doing to people with this? Thanks, but I'm not interested in debating you.

Unknown: Do you like your job, Mr. Patterson?

Dr. Patterson: What?

Unknown: The one which you deem so important and trustworthy. Working in white cubical rooms, taking notes, sitting in front of computer screens, typing reports, day after day, month after month, surrounded by the same people all the time. People who are just like you, sacrificing their own mental state for carrier goals. But then you realize that reaching those goals doesn't really solve anything, your mind remains clouded.

Dr. Patterson: I… Don't understand what it has to do with anything.

Unknown: This is why when not on work, you sit inside your small apartments for hours, thinking about what to do with our life to not snap. All this baggage on your mind limits you, keeps you in place, like a spider web. You're trying to break free, frantically moving to break the restraints, only to get stuck even further. You try to be calm and keep your face, but the burden you're carrying doesn't allow you to. At some point, it might be too much for you to carry, and then…

Dr. Patterson: Stop right here. If all you have is meaningless rants, it's not a conversation I wanna continue. We'll identify you by the voice later,

Unknown: I'm not judging you, but providing a solution. All those suffering that you and other people are going through is unnecessary. You don't need it to solve your problems.

Sounds of static.

Unknown: All you need to do is sit down, and relax.

SCP-XXXX starts to emanate from the phone. Dr. Patterson hangs up before getting affected.

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