No body

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a body.

When directly viewed, documented, or conceptualized, SCP-XXXX can only be described as "body", with no information regarding its features or physical appearance being given. This effect spreads to all types of perception and communication; so far no other attributes of SCP-XXXX were documented.

Testing suggests that SCP-XXXX's anomaly is not antimemetic or cognitohazardous in nature, as no information about the object is obscured or forgotten during the interaction. Rather, the anomalous effect prevents any distinct features from being attributed to SCP-XXXX. Due to this fact, it is believed that, outside of being "body", SCP-XXXX does not (and cannot) possess any characteristics.


As I've suspected, we've come too late. The jailors took the body. Gave one hell of a fight to us as well. Not a big surprise, with their eyes everywhere they probably found out about the hotel staff's behavior and came to check.

Speaking of that, you were right about the charms. Even though he's dead, his ability still remained intact for some time. It completely overtook those people's heads, I saw them jumping in front of the jailors' guns and trying to strangle them with bare hands just to protect the body. It seems like the legends didn't lie, the Nameless One was indeed incredibly powerful.

I'm still not sure what exactly happened there. Maybe he was attacked by someone and used hispowers for protection, or it was due to natural causes and he's attempted to call for help in such a way, since nobody would approach him otherwise. In any case, now the charms have dissipated and we've got the confirmation that it's all over. Whatever was the cause of his death, now he's gone. The Library can sleep peacefully tonight, this thief surely won't come back for our knowledge anymore.


Ever since that night, I have been wondering… Why would he do this? He betrayed us, led all the terrible horrors he could find into our halls, and tried to steal what we've been working on for our entires lives, and yet we never learned what made him do so. We never understood why he tried to ruin everything he himself helped to build. And now, with the news that you've brought, it seems like we never will.

Many years ago, I used to call this person a friend. I saw him as one of the most talented explorers, writers, and archivists we ever had, the one who supported our cause even in the darkest of times. And I would like to remember him as such. I

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