Item №: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is subject to Henning-class adversarial information suppression protocols. As per the Henning protocol, the on-call rotation is maintained by RAISA and shall be duplicated, in whole or in part. Personnel shall be informed of assignments via face-to-face communication only.

Level 1 worldwide monitoring procedures regarding original Latin editions of Cicero's De Oratore, and Level 2 procedures regarding translations or adaptations of the same work, shall be maintained indefinitely.1 Retrieval or destruction of all uncensored copies is the responsibility of MTF-Chi-9 ("Page Turners").

Level 1A worldwide monitoring procedures regarding original Latin editions of the same work shall be maintained indefinitely. Copies of the work with archaeological value shall not be destroyed. Secure retrieval of such works is the responsibility of MTF-Xi-Kai ("Curators").

The works in containment (as of this revision, 7 archaeologically-significant copies and 1 uncensored copy of Loeb Classical Library No. 3482) shall be maintained in an agnostic chamber with three or more decontamination phases.3 Per Henning protocol, personnel shall not keep notes or files on SCP-XXXX or the contained works. Files will be composed by RAISA from face-to-face reports to an assigned liaison.


Report №: 3

Accosiated individuals: Dr. Bernard Bishop (SCP-XXXX researcher), Martin Styles (Assigned RAISA liaison)

Date: 03/02/2016

Dr. Bishop:

M. Styles:

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