/sigma: ANAR corpse con

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Item No:

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Any fields within 5km of Bude, Cornwall are to be constantly monitored by automated Foundation surveillance systems. If abnormal movements and rapid temperature changes in excess of 15°C are detected, Foundation personnel in the region should begin Procedure SUNDAY ROAST, which is described in the following paragraphs:

An adult cow is to be slaughtered and skinned in a way which causes as little damage to the skin as possible. This skin should be used to cover a Mark-IV Quadrupedal Automaton, so that only its camera, microphone and speaker remain exposed.

The automaton should then be transported to an area at least 1km away from where abnormal activity was directed. It is then to be guided to the activity using its remote control option. When it reaches the correct area, the member of personnel controlling it should engage in conversation with SCP-XXXX, appeasing it until it demanifests. The automaton should then be recovered and destroyed.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a Class-2 Apparition appearing as an adult bos taurus

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