Manifest 736: Ship of Theseus
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The R. H. Commission on Unusual Cargo

Authorized by the Board of Regents of said Commission

Manifest 736

Curator: Dr. Jeremy Bentham defunct, refer to Remarque 1

Storage Instructions:

The Cargo is to be assigned a designated team of Stewards, who are to be expected to monitor the Cargo at all times. This team should be provided with a separate ship for surveillance and rations as deemed necessary by NDC-27 (HMS Clockwork), the operating navire de commerce for the Cargo.

Due to its unwarranted destruction, the Cargo has been deemed neutralized.

Cargo Description:

The Cargo is a ship, located about 150 fathoms from the southernmost tip of India. Its construction is believed to originate from the Nordic peninsula. No crew evidently operates the Cargo — rather, it is fully autonomous in movement, and will steer free of any apparent forces directing it to move.

The most apparent quality of the Cargo is the materials from which it is apparently constructed — namely, for example, the hull of the Cargo is made of nails, the sails of hair, and the beams of flesh. For the duration of its custody under the Commission on Unusual Cargo, these materials have not degraded or aged.

Manifest Remarque 1

July 17, 1687

On the 16th of July, 1687, while under the watch of its designated team of Stewards, the Cargo had spontaneously caught on fire, burning for about 10 minutes before being destroyed in its entirety. In its wake, a plank of oak wood was found floating in the water, a single document nailed into the wood.

Attached is the document in question.

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