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Item №: SCP-XXXX

Containment Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept within a sensory deprivation chamber and applied a short-term Class-H amnestic dosage at all times. Using online discussions flagged for potential descriptions of SCP-XXXX1, an MTF unit is to decide on a case-by-case basis whether issuing of amnestics is necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the cadaver of former actor and comedian Adam Sandler. Since acquisition, SCP-XXXX has entered the advanced stages of rigor mortis, and in its inactive state only superficially resembles Sandler due to decomposition.

At periodic intervals ranging from 1-3 minutes in duration, SCP-XXXX will be spontaneously replaced with the likeness of another living person,2 although in a similar state of decomposition to SCP-XXXX's default appearance. Through this period, minor brain activity can be observed, primarily within the frontal and temporal lobes, though due to extensive paralysis and muscle atrophy, this does not translate to any controlled bodily functions or movement. Neuron pathway analysis reveals that underlying these different iterations of SCP-XXXX is the consciousness of Adam Sandler.

While no symptoms of concern to the Foundation have been exhibited by individuals whose identity is briefly assumed by SCP-XXXX, said individuals often report entering a mild dissociative state during this period.

Addendum 1 | Interview Log: On 05/23/2031, an interview session with SCP-XXXX was conducted utilizing a prototype for the Cerebro-Linguistic Communication System3. While in its active state, SCP-XXXX was instructed to respond to a series of four prepared prompts to the best of their ability. What follows are the contents of this interview, with brackets denoting unclear or ambiguous linguistic signifiers outputted from the communication system.



"When did you start experiencing these anomalous properties?"

i forget when, some [time, day] after premiere of some new film. i should know which one it was. it may have been days, or weeks. right after, maybe. i'm unsure.

i know i was laying on the [sofa, chair] when it started. maybe. i was starting to feel a little sick so i ran to the kitchen to get a cup of water. i reach for the faucet and look at my hand a little. something feels wrong about it. look a little closer. it starts to buzz a little. then my wrists start buzzing, then my arms.

my legs cave in and then i'm on the ground. i can't pick myself up or call out or say anything. can't move. i was stuck, looking at something.

not even looking either. i can't explain it, but i just, saw. didn't register what i was even looking at it. a part of me wanted to know, wanted to look. i couldn't for whatever reason. stuck there.

i feel time passing. can't count the hours or the days but i feel something going past me. the next moment i stop [feeling, sensing]. it seems i'm painfully separating from [my, the] body but i'm still confined and i'm still in the same position i was however long ago it was.

the next thing i know, before i get accustomed to my surroundings, everything's dark. the light stops hitting my eyes anymore, no sound, no touch. i try to form a mental image of [where/who] i am but i just can't. it's not there anymore. i remember a body but it isn't mine anymore. i'm not dead but it feels like i'm damn near close to it.

[10 seconds of various electrical signal noise, followed by SCP-XXXX re-entering its inactive state.]

"How have these anomalous properties affected your emotional state?"

i still know it's happening. it's faint now but i know my body's changing. i can feel the waves and the reverberations. and there's nothing i can do to [fix, save] it.

orifices widening and narrowing. phalanges twisting and contorting and lengthening and shortening. patches of hair haphazardly planting themselves all over. torso flattening and broadening and settling into the surface it lays on.

"Are you satisfied with how the Foundation has treated you?"


"Would you like to offer any additional comments for the record?"



Addendum 2 | Containment Update: On 11/08/2029, while under the surveillance of the Foundation, SCP-XXXX entered its inactive state before violently shaking and convulsing, expelling large quantities of dried blood and gastrointestinal fluids before finally collapsing. After extracting the body from its chamber, specialists recovered a large piece of laminated cardstock lodged in its throat, bearing the following inscription:

Join ADAM SANDLER in his final and most exciting role yet, playing as FORTY-NINE unique characters with astounding versatility!

Go see him and more in the critically acclaimed comedy EVERYMAN, in theaters January 29.

Promotional material provided in partnership with Westhead Media.

Reclassification to Neutralized pending.

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