Pole-Vaulting Over the Fourth Wall
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Given recent findings, we have concluded that, as there are realities below us, there do exist realities above us. To these upper realities, we are fictional; a compilation of multiple deities' concepts and narratives, all strung together to loosely define our existence. While this revelation might strike many as unbelievable, to all of us it is our truth.

That being said, in the face of these gods, all hope is not lost. With this newfound knowledge, we are able to put our foot forward, be aware, and confront these higher beings directly. New technology by the moment is being constructed so that we can fully utilize and reinforce our interactions with these beings, and catapult our understanding of the world around us to unprecedented levels.

This, to say the least, is the beginning of a new age for the Foundation, and likewise the world. God only knows what the future will bring us.

— Dir. Oskar Stejskal, Pataphysics Chief (Foundation Site-Φ065)


Site-Φ065's toilet — low-security wing, third floor, second stall on the right — was broken. Anomalously so. It was Pataphysician Breton's job to fix it.

Against all odds, the toilet resisted any attempt to be repaired. Despite all exhaustive measures being taken to fix the toilet (seal the bottom? cut the water supply? apply it to an SCP? flush it again??), the toilet was still broken. Toilet base leaking, water limply bubbling out on the tile floor, same as it was three weeks ago.

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