barredowl's Gloriously Expansive Sandbox Hub
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Welcome, one and all, to possibly one of the most embarrassingly lackluster hubs you will ever see in all your days.

This is the lovely sandbox hub created for the famed author and artist barredowlbarredowl, where you will find numerous hidden gems, be they unfinished, finished, or anywhere in between!

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barredowl, tall, lanky, either wirey or ghoulish frame depending on how well she's doing mentally, fierce, almost "fiery" blue eyes, she's one of those chicks who dye's her hair every four months


they had her face printed in every newspaper in the country.

anguish protruding, incessantly;
viscera collapsing, contorting, hardening, crushing;
a voice bleakly coaxing toward the surface of the gossamer,
scraping away her acquiescing vessel.

our deus ex machina, at this moment,
should extend its finger, delicately,
and quash the source,
as with all it meets.

it resists.
ripples permeate, involuntarily.

serendipitous permutations, wood and ink,
bleed blue, unhindered, against all will.


we had its file reproduced, infinitely.

description prescribed; tailored to conjure hegemonic solidarity,
a desperate palimpsest against consensus.

cannibalistic, we resumed, by second nature —
waltzing along reluctantly trodden thoroughfares,
gesticulating resignation through hand-waves —
preserved forcefully, though haphazardly.

the document's edges frayed, through obsolescence;
far due east, invalidating mayhem assumed dominance —
inwardly destructive, outwardly imperialist.
this distant cancer spreads, abruptly.

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