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Placeholder. Will critique soon enough.

The interactions between Lowe and Green were for the most part enjoyable to read through, and I liked the creepy atmosphere which was built up in the first half of the log. However, I'm decidedly less enthused about a couple details which are preventing me from giving this an upvote.

Firstly, the video log's buildup. The second half of the log when compared to the first feels kinda… rushed and unearned in its current state. There is some transition between these two halves, but it feels sloppily handled, and in my view doesn't really sell me on Lowe being this distressed so suddenly. This in turn makes a lot of the lines in the latter half of the log feel melodramatic and cookie-cutter, and made it sorta hard for me to take it all that seriously. Lines such as Lowe saying "Jesus fuck! Nah…nah, I'm fuckin' out–" and "Oh god– W-where are you taking me?" exemplify this for me.

Secondly, the article's central mystery. To me, this part of the article is in an awkward middle ground, wherein it's halfway between wanting to be a mystery about how these files came to be and committing to just being a spooky log-heavy article. In this regard,

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