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They Put Us In Bottom Right

Log from Google Murray Bookchin

CommunismAnarchismNihilism: Look, I'm not saying we need to be handing out newspapers and forming vanguard parties
_FuddruckeR_: yall guess what i just found on 9chan
CommunismAnarchismNihilism: I'm just saying that Posadas had some good ideas and we shouldn't throw out everything he said just because he was a Trotskyist
lesbian_gengar: why were you on 9chan?
_FuddruckeR_: their /k/ board is better than 4chan and i wanted to post my nagant somehwere that people would appreciate it
_FuddruckeR_: but thats not important whats important is what someone posted in /b/
_FuddruckeR_ uploaded compass.jpg


fallout_meta.txt: hsafjdklsfaj
lesbian_gengar: lmao
lesbian_gengar: who the fuck thinks that we're right-wing?
CommunismAnarchismNihilism => CapitalismAnarchismObjectivism
CapitalismAnarchismObjectivism: Guess I'm an ancap now.
CapitalismAnarchismObjectivism: It's not a phase, mom, this is who I am.

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