SCP-XXXX — What Joy‽
Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, SCP-XXXX is contained within an airtight chamber located in Site-66. Maintenance crews are to enter the chamber on a bi-monthly basis to ensure SCP-XXXX's spores are unable to escape containment. All personnel entering the chamber are to wear a standard Type-III biological protection suit to prevent infection. Testing with SCP-XXXX is currently pending.

All information located within this file is subject to change over time as more of SCP-XXXX's effects are discovered. Information located within this file may be incorrect or misleading.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a parasitic fungal mass of undetermined biochemical makeup. SCP-XXXX grows and spreads along organic and inorganic surfaces, and emits large, black spores that propagate via non-anomalous airborne travel.

SCP-XXXX is able to cause memetic shifts to its immediate environment. Though SCP-XXXX's memetic tendencies are not well understood, it appears to have minor compulsive and/or mind-affecting properties that make emotional comprehension difficult in its presence.

Discovery Log: SCP-XXXX was found in Medford, Oregon, following high anomalous activity being reported in the area. Mobile Task Force Phi-7 ("The Homewreckers") was tasked with retrieving the anomaly, and successfully acquired it after entering an abandoned home. During the process, they discovered five civilians (two children, three adults) on the premises — four had been deceased for a number of years, and the other was in a catatonic state. The latter died before medical treatment could be administered.

The acquisition of the anomaly can be found below.

Addendum One — Recovery Log Transcript

DATE: 9/20/19, Approx. 21:20 Local Time

LOG TYPE: Acquisition of Anomaly

TASK FORCE: Mobile Task Force Phi-7 ("The Homewreckers")

PARTICIPANTS: Brianna Lin (Command), John L. Hopkins (Unit-1), Jacob Wu (Unit-2)1


Hopkins: We'll be approaching the anomaly's acquisition site in approximately three minutes. Remember, we're dealing with a fungus-like anomaly, so ensure that your bio-hazard suits are intact and properly equipped. In addition, please ensure your filtration devices are working, and you are prepared with your lucky rainbow socks.

Commander Lin snorts, while Agent Wu scowls at both.

Wu: Holy fucking shit John, that was a year ago, get over it.

Hopkins: Negative, sir.

Wu: I swear to g—

Hopkins: (Interrupting) If I'm being serious, you should double check that area to ensure the boots and suit pieces attach properly.

Lin: Chill out. The suits are plenty safe, and we already double checked before we got into the van. We're just going to contain some fungus, we'll be fine.

Agent Hopkins visibly relaxes.

Hopkins: Yes ma'am.

The van approaches the manor containing SCP-XXXX. Commander Lin is in front, followed by Agent Hopkins, and Agent Wu. Each member leaves the van, and treks towards the acquisition site. Commander Lin wipes a faint black layer from their visor.

Lin: You guys see this stuff?

Hopkins: For the record, we report a black mist surrounding the immediate area around the building, concentrated at points of egress such as windows and—

Wu: (Interrupting) Dude, we all have bodycams. The record can see everything.

Hopkins: Nonetheless, it's useful to make note of all of our observations in case of tampering or malfunction.

Wu: I mean, I guess.

Lin: Quiet you two, we're here.

Commander Lin signals for cover before placing her palm against the door. It makes a loud creaking sound, but does not open. Upon removing her hand, the glove appears to be coated in a black layer.

Wu: Hey, uh, I'm not the only one feeling that, right?

Hopkins: In line with Jacob's remark, I do feel a peculiar sensation. This building appears to be producing some form of mind-altering effect, but it is relatively subtle.

Wu: (Mockingly) Uhm, in line with Jacob's remark, I do indubitably feel a particular particularization of-

Lin: Wu, can it. And John, the briefing didn't mention any memetic anomalies. I think it may be the atmosphere that's causing you two to get all worked up. Besides, I feel fine.

Hopkins attempts to speak up at the word "worked up," but seemingly decides against it. Wu does not react.

Hopkins: Yes, ma'am.

Lin: Alright, guys, on three.

Commander Lin backs away from the door, followed by Hopkins and Wu.

Lin: One. Two. Three!

Commander Lin slams into the door, destroying it. She falls to the ground, stabbing her knee on a sizable shard of wood.

Wu: Holy shit.

Hopkins: Commander!

Agents Hopkins and Wu rush to the side of Commander Lin. Agent Hopkins removes a small vial from his backpack, and administers it to the wound. He reaches back into his pack and rummages for a few seconds before removing a large pair of tweezers.

Hopkins: Hold still please, Commander. I'm going to remove the splinter.

Lin: Yeesh, that's a bit bigger than a splinter, wouldn't you say?

Hopkins removes the wood and cleans Lin's wound, before wrapping it in a bandage. Lin remains composed throughout, and does not show any outward signs of pain.

Hopkins: Commander, we should probably go back for now. Your biosuit has some minor tears—

Lin: The bandages will seal the suit. Don't worry about it, John.

Hopkins: But Co—

Lin: Just drop it.

Hopkins: Yes ma'am.

Lin gets up slowly, and then brushes off her biohazard suit.

Wu: How the hell are you so calm right now? It's not fair.

Lin: Want me to say "ow" so you'll feel better? It wasn't that bad. Besides, look at this place. It's falling apart. We have nothing to worry about. Well, except maybe for that awful smell.

Hopkins: Affirmative. It does possess an unpleasant odor.

Wu: I don't— ah, whatever.

Commander Lin stabilizes herself. She scans the room, which appears to be heavily damaged. Black mist fills the air.

Lin: This looks like we've got some sort of non-toxic fungal spores on our hands. I want a controlled sweep to look for the source. Sub on ground, Prime on upper, Lead on attic. Disperse.

Wu heads through a hallway, while Lin briskly walks up the nearest staircase, followed quickly by Hopkins. After roughly three minutes of searching, Agent Hopkins discovers a large mushroom-like entity growing from the floorboard in a demolished room.2 After a few moments, the mushroom-like growth begins to move.

Hopkins: (Over Radio) Commander, I believe I've found something of interest.

Lin: Report?

Hopkins: A fungal growth in the form of a mushroom, approximately one meter in height. Entity has begun to thrash, but does not seem to acknowledge my presence further.

Lin: Are you able to get around it?

Hopkins: Yes, ma'am.

Lin: We can come back to it later. For now, we're looking for a much larger infection. Understood?

Hopkins: Roger that, ma'am. I'll report anything further.

Lin: You always do, don't you?

Commander Lin laughs quietly, and Hopkins smiles.

Hopkins: Of course, ma'am. Need to keep the team informed, right?

Wu: (Interrupting via Radio) Oh my god, just get a room already!

Lin: Can it, Wu.

Wu: (Snickering) Yes ma'am!

The team continues deeper into the house, scanning each room for the center of the anomaly's affects. Approximately twenty seconds later, Commander Lin discovers two large, mushroom-like entities protruding from a hole in the floorboards. The end of the hallway she is in is much darker, despite light being present.


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